Boombot PRO – Awesome Audio

The Boombot PRO is not just any old Bluetooth speaker. After Boombotix packed all the features you could want into this little speaker (with BIG sound), they snuck in a 2GB flash drive too! So now you can take wireless audio one step further. You don’t even need your phone or iPod to take your music with you, yet you get 10 watts of output in a speaker that clips to your pocket, belt, backpack, or even your bike.


2 gigabyte flash drive, so you can take your favorite tunes with you, right in your speaker. Of course, there is still a Bluetooth option, for when you want to stream music.

Boombot PRO, with audio controls on top

Pro-tuned acoustics makes the most of the two speakers and the amplifier, along with the shape of the Boombot PRO, to offer the best sound possible.

Hands free voice control, so Siri or Google Voice are just a button away. You can also play, pause, change tracks, and even take or reject calls without touching your phone.

Boombot PRO, rear view, with stainless clip

A hybrid rubber + ABS plastic case will protect your Boombot PRO from drops of up to 10 feet, and water as deep as three feet (IPX7).

Up to six hours of run time, thanks to the lithium ion battery, which only needs one hour on the charger. Micro USB cable for charging included.

Boombot PRO, in Pitch Black

Built-in clip that allows you to attach your Boombot PRO to just about anything. Of course, it stands on its own too.

Like all Boombotix products, the Boombot PRO is easy to use. It pairs quickly with just about any Bluetooth device, and the controls on top have a + and – sign for the volume, along with a center button that allows you to play, pause, skip tracks, or even repeat the last one. In almost no time, you’ll be able to work the controls by feel, it’s that simple. And the buttons are sealed from dirt, dust, and water. Despite this being a precision audio device, it will hold up to rough use as well, with the tough case able to take the bumps and knocks of daily use.

Check out the Boombot PRO, and the rest of the Boombot line, at


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Awesome bit of kit! I’ve gone from kitting out old bikes with a motorcycle battery, car stereo and small household speakers to the full bluetooth route with speaker in a backpack run from a phone. But the fact that these will clip on easily and are bluetooth are great.

I don’t think the flash card option is going to be all that well used, its a good idea but I think in practice everyone has got their phone on them and prefers the interface for selecting music.

The only thing I need now is to be able to run more than one from a device. Do you know if you can connect these up collectively? Nothing cooler than rolling along with the same sound coming off of everyones bikes, rather than just one!

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