BottleKeeper – It’s Science For Beer

Don’t mistake the BottleKeeper for a bottle hider. This is a product designed to keep your beer bottle cold, because we all know how refreshing a cold beer is after a long hike, bike ride, or round of beach volleyball. If it happens to make it look like you are drinking from a metal water bottle, so be it.

When you visit the BottleKeeper website, you will find photos of the BottleKeeper indoors, outdoors, by the pool, and even on the golf course. And in each shot, it’s keeping beer cold. That’s because of science. Inside that sleek metal exterior is a neoprene liner, which helps to insulate the bottle, just like a beer koozie. But the folks at BottleKeeper realized that some days, we need more than that sleeve. So they wrapped it in metal, gave it a cap and bottom that thread on and off, and BAM!, your beer is now protected from heat, with the bonus of impact protection at the bottom. Also, my mother-in-law may not look twice at the beer in my hand when it’s wrapped in stainless steel and neoprene. Just sayin’.

The BottleKeeper family, courtesy of BottleKeeper

Is this a cool product? Heck yes. But, you need to choose wisely. They have three sizes available right now – a 12 ounce standard, 12 ounce stubby, and 22 ounce bomber. Our test BottleKeeper was the 12 ounce standard, and we tried it with a whole bunch of different bottles that we found in the bottom of our fridge. They must have been left there by someone when we had our last party. It was a game of sad face/happy face. Most beers fit just fine. Some did not. Our favorite hard cider, lemonades, and ice tea did not fit with the lid on. Certain girly drinks that we would not admit to having in our fridge did not fit well either. This led us to the conclusion that some drinks will be pulled from the cooler or fridge, and popped into the BottleKeeper. And we’re fine with that. But some bottles, with the magic “just right” size, will fit with the lid on. That means you can take it on your next bike ride, hike, or fishing trip, and even with a little rough handling, the bottle will be safe. That’s something we really like. Just don’t forget to let it sit for a while if you’ve been shaking things up a bit.

BottleKeeper scientific diagram

Another thing that makes the BottleKeeper a great gift is their decal options for sports fans. For an extra $6, you can get a decal with any MLB, NFL, or NCAA logo to place wherever you want on your BottleKeeper. At $22 for the smaller 12 ounce size BottleKeepers, and $30 for the 22 ounce Bomber, they may be out of the “stocking stuffer” price range, but I can still see plenty of them being given as gifts this holiday season, or really any time of year. Follow this link for 10% off your first order.

– Brian

We’d like to thank BottleKeeper for providing their product for this review. It’s a fun and unique gift that is sure to be used, year-round.

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