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Bricks Bars are great if you are following a paleo lifestyle, want to eat clean, have allergies like me, or just want a quality snack without additives and processing.

As you may have guessed, I have food allergies. I put up with with this for a while, then tests confirmed that my body does not like wheat, soy, peanuts, dairy, and processed sugars. Basically, I’m allergic to food. The reactions are not life-threatening, but range from annoying to discomfort. I don’t have to avoid any of those ingredients, but I feel better when I do. This has led me to seek out clean foods, and include more whole foods in my diet, while staying away from processed stuff, as they simply are not good for us.

Bricks Bars are milk, gluten, soy, and grain-free. The beef used is 100% grass fed, the turkey 100% antibiotic-free, and the rest of the fruit, nut, and vegetable ingredients are organic when they need to be. Grass fed beef is not only higher in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which our bodies need, but letting cows graze in a pasture is a much kinder way to raise them. If you are going to eat animals, at least support farmers that allow them to live and eat in a more natural manner. Unscrupulous poultry producers may use antibiotics to promote growth, rather than just to treat sick birds. Bricks Bars avoids this altogether by sourcing turkey that has not been treated with any antibiotics. The result is meat that tastes like it should, while being healthier for you.

Bricks Grass Fed Beef bar

I first tried the Grass Fed Beef bar, which includes uncured bacon (nitrate and nitrite-free), cranberries, and sunflower seeds as the main ingredients, and found it to be a pleasant surprise. It contains foods I like, but that I do not usually combine into one bite. The texture was good – chewy, in a satisfying way, and not too dry.

Bricks Turkey bar

Bricks Bars are available on!

Next, I had the Turkey bar, which has sweet potato, cranberry, pumpkin seeds, and some very nice spice flavors that conjure images of the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Again, it has great texture, and each flavor really stands out.

Coming soon: Grass Fed Beef, carrot, apple, and hemp seed. Sounds delicious, and the addition of paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper and garlic powder promise to give it a little kick, for those that like their food with a bit more spice.

Bricks Bars are great as a snack, or in place of a very light meal. If you are hiking, camping, or spending some time outdoors, they are a clean fuel that tastes like real food. They require no cooking, refrigeration, or any special handling. If you are looking for something a little different, you owe it to yourself to give them a try.

– Brian

At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, I sampled a Bricks Bar, and made a note to reach out to the owners. When I contacted them for more information, they were kind enough to send several of each flavor for this review. What impressed me most was that the owner, Michael “Buck” Williams, seemed just as concerned with helping me find another snack I could enjoy as he was with promoting his business. And that reminded me of one of the many reasons I started this site. There are all sorts of people out there that are doing well by doing good, and their passion is to make the world a better place full of happy, healthy people.

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