Brooklyn Bicycle Company Roebling and Lorimer

The Brooklyn Bicycle Company Roebling and Lorimer are new steel framed hybrid bikes and are available for sale now.  Brooklyn Bicycle Company has been around since 2011.  Just like you would expect from the name, they are based in Brooklyn, New York.  Their bikes are named after streets in Brooklyn.  The Roebling‘s geometry is set up for men and the Lorimer‘s geometry is tuned in for ladies.

 Brooklyn Bicycle Company Roebling
Brooklyn Bicycle Company Roebling

Brooklyn Bicycle Company lets you purchase bikes directly from them via their website but they go a step further to make sure you get the bike you want.  Instead of shipping the bike directly to the customer, they use your shipping address to find a bike shop in your area.  Brooklyn covers the costs to assemble and adjust your bike and make sure it is working properly.  Check out Brooklyn‘s Buy & Ride page for details.

 Brooklyn Bicycle Company Lorimer
Brooklyn Bicycle Company Lorimer

The Roebling and Lorimer hybrids are Brooklyn‘s most utilitarian bikes.  Brooklyn has chosen to use steel for the frame material of these bikes.  Steel is known for its ability to soak up vibration and small bumps in the road.  Brooklyn is using double butted 4130 Chromoly steel to keep the frame light.  Here‘s what Brooklyn has to say about these frames:

“While there’˜s certainly an abundance of hybrid bikes available on the market, the vast majority are aluminum. We see steel as a more comfortable, more durable alternative given its unique ability to ‘˜flex,‘ “says Brooklyn Bicycle Co. President Ryan Zagata. He continues, “We were at first reluctant given the saturation of the hybrid category, but upon speaking with dealers, we realized the demand for a longer-lasting and more city-friendly steel hybrid was going largely unfulfilled.”

Here‘s a quick look at the specs of the Roebling and Lorimer.

Lightweight Double-Butted 4130 Chromoly main frame

Shimano Acera 24-Speed Drive Train

Braze-Ons for Front & Rear Fenders, Front & Rear Racks and Water Bottle

Puncture-resistant tires

The Brooklyn Bicycle Company Roebling and Lorimer have a $499 MSRP.  Click here to head on over to the Brooklyn Bicycle Company website.  Be sure and check out the About and FAQ pages.

About Brooklyn Bicycle Company

Established in 2011, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. mirrors the iconic qualities of Brooklyn itself -accessibility, durability and original style. Brooklyn Bicycle Co. commuter bikes are available in single-speed, three-speed, seven-speed and 24-speed models starting at $399. Bikes can be found at retail locations across the United States and in Canada or can be purchased online at For more information, contact Emily Rose Prats at or call (800) 631-0630. Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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