Polar Bottle Sport

The Polar Bottle Sport really sets the bar for thermal sports bottles. Not only does this bottle insulate well, it is also as easy to squeeze as my regular bottle. When I first received it, I was concerned that the liner and double wall would make the bottle difficult to squeeze, but that is not the case at all.

Polar has been around since 1994, so they know a thing or two about bottles, which is why the Sport‘s design is really well thought out. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the bottle, it is easy to grip with one hand. Not only that, but they fit my cage‘s bend perfectly. It feels super secure and I have not had to worry about it jumping out after some bumps. The 24oz bottle fits great on my large-framed bike.

Polar Bottle Sport
Polar Bottle Sport

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The foil insulation layer works well. It keeps my drinks from getting warm. I find that freezing the bottle helps keep my water, cooler longer. The Sport also features the new Zipstream cap. This cap’s valve is self-sealing and will not leak even when open.

That waxy chemical taste is one thing that I have disliked about other plastic bottles, but is was not a problem at all with the Sport. I rinsed it with a bit of warm, soapy water as soon as I received it, and have not had a single issue with any odd taste. Which brings up another really cool feature – how easy the bottle is to clean. The Zipstream cap is removable, and this allows the entire top to be cleaned. No gross mildew or weird things growing in this!

Overall, this bottle lives up to its hype. The thermal insulator works incredibly well while still making it easy to squeeze one-handed while riding. There are are color options to match your bike, your kit, or even your outfits (if you’re into that) when you use your bottle at work or the gym. Throw in the great cage fit for cycling, plus the easy cleaning, and you have a winner here.  MSRP: $12.99 www.polarbottle.com

– Andy

Thanks to Polar Bottle for providing this bottle for review.

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Addie Bash

Hey Andy!

Thanks so much for the review. Really glad you enjoyed the Sport with the new ZipStream cap. We’ve been designing products for the cycling community for more than 20 years, so we take feedback from bikers seriously (good and bad). Keep in touch!

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