Lock It Up With The Brooklyn Chain A.P.

ABUS sent over the details of their newest tough bike lock,  The Brooklyn Chain A.P. It may have been made in Germany, but the design is all Brooklyn, as folks there know all too well about the sad reality of bike theft.

This padlock and loop combo has an urban level security rating of 12 (out of 15), which should make you feel a bit better about leaving your bike unattended. But the MSRP of $99.99 means your wallet doesn’t have to take a huge hit just to keep your ride safe. The Brooklyn Chain A.P. has a Titalium™padlock. This solid lock body is made from an aluminum alloy that gives you all the strength benefits of a heavy metal lock, but it is actually light enough to wear around your waist.

A chain has some great advantages over other lock types. They can fit all sorts of bikes, and will allow you to lock your bike to a variety of fixed objects with ease. Unlike a U lock, you can wear one around your waist, or across your shoulder. You can wrap it around your frame, or stuff it into a backpack or pannier too. The sleeve on the ABUS chains protect your bike’s finish as well.

The Brooklyn Chain A.P. from ABUS
The Brooklyn Chain A.P. from ABUS

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Here’s the full spec:

  • Open 10mm/120 cm hardend steel loop chain
  • Fabric sleeve prevents damage to frame and paint job
  • 80/TI50 TITALIUM™Padlock features a solid lock body made from TITALIUM & trade aluminum alloy offering higher security at a super light weight
  • Hardend steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™coating
  • High precision 6 pin key cylinder
  • Two keys supplied with lock

If a bike thief really wants your bike, they will get it. While The Brooklyn Chain A.P. will deter all but the most determined thief, there is no such thing as a 100% safe lock. But unless they are bringing some heavy duty cutting tools, your bike is going to be pretty safe. Find all the ABUS bike locks at mobilesecurity.abus.com.

– Brian

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