December 2, 2023
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alright here we go ….. i have had a alpine design hydro pack for years now and like the review says i also have got a nock off and it does leak a lil bit if not sealed right . down side of the knock off is it has not enough storage . I can put a few things in it but not enough as my other hydro pack . now the alpine design was my first pack and i have had it for about five years or so now . but the problem was is that our family is growing now and im the one who packs evrything for the four of us . so long story short i whent with the geigerrig 1200 and it is great . love the size and how much i can put into it 🙂 the inline filter is a plus when on long hot hikes in zion national park. altho camelpack is a well known brand ill stick with the geigerrig 1200 five stars all the way thanks guys for a fantastic product .


I’ve had my Geigerrig 1600 for a year now and I couldn’t be happier. It’s my very first hydration pack and was about to purchase a Camelback when I stumbled on Geigerrig. Several months ago I thought it was the worse product because in the middle of my hike the hydration pack got a pin hole leak. I basically lost half of my water source! Frustrated I contacted them via their website just telling them that my hydration pack had a pin hole leak. I had pics and videos as back up if needed…didn’t need it because within a couple if days I was told a new one was being sent and received it within a couple of weeks including new tubes, no other questions asked. Not sure what Camelback or other hydration pack companies would do in a similar situation but I’m just glad I selected Gegerrig. Thank you for an Awesome Product and Fantastic Customer Service,

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