Cannon Single3 Can Cooler

I was excited to try out the new Cannon, “The Can Do Cooler”, 3 can vacuum insulated can cooler, since I’m an avid enthusiast of icy cold canned beverages. This cooler from nICE is like a giant version of my dad’s old lunch box vacuum bottle.  It‘s a 3.5 inch tube, about 20 inches long. Sleek, brushed stainless steel with black molded plastic end caps and carrying handle. It also comes with a detachable black nylon shoulder strap.

Cannon Single3 Can Cooler
Cannon Single3 Can Cooler

Unscrew the lid and you will find a detachable, freezable, puck to help keep your favorite beverage cans cool. You can also stack an additional puck (optional) between two cans for additional cooling. To make this a fair product test and have some measurable data, I froze the puck to a temp of 10 degrees and loaded the cooler with three beverage cans at 54 degrees as measured with my non-contact thermometer. I strapped the cooler along with some lunch, my fishing pole and some flies, to my bike and headed up the canyon for a day of fishing.

Cannon Single3 Can Cooler
Cannon Single3 Can Cooler features list

As is my custom, when I catch a keeper, I celebrate with a cold one. Right away, I mean like second cast, I set my barb-less hook in a beautiful 21-inch brown trout. After landing and dropping him in my basket, I opened the Cannon to extract a cold reward. With wet hands I was not able to get enough of a grip on the top of the can to pull it out of the cooler. Once I dried my hands I was soon enjoying a cold one. I brought my thermometer along, Being the perfectionist that I am. The can came out at 58 degrees, so a gain of about 4 degrees in three hours.

The fishing slowed down so it was another two hours before I had the pleasure of a fresh beverage. It came out of the Cannon at 64 degrees. A total of ten degrees of gain since loading five hours ago. As I was now in catch and release mode (trout limit of two), I was knocking them dead and having too much fun to stop for a beverage. I figured it would be better to enjoy the fishing and save the last beverage for after the ride home. Fishing for another two hours and having a very productive day, I took my dinner and headed home.

Cannon Single3 and Single6 Can Coolers
Cannon Single3 and Single6 Can Coolers

Getting down to cleaning the trout, I took time to enjoy the last can from the Cannon cooler. It had been in for a total of eight hours and came out at a cool 68 degrees. As a torture test, I refroze the puck and loaded the cooler with some fresh cold ones and threw it on the back seat of my car. The interior temp was 117 degrees. After eight hours I removed the cooler and measured the temp on the outside of the cooler at 121 degrees. I was pretty sure the cans would be hot by now so I was completely surprised when I removed a can and measured the temp at 62 degrees. Of course, I had to perform a taste test to ensure product integrity.

Results satisfactory!

The last two product evaluation beverages tasted mighty good later with those trout. I am looking forward to many more fishing trips with the Cannon Single3 cooler!


I’d like to thank the kind folks at nICE for providing their Cannon Single3 cooler for this review. And if you’re thinking about one, note that they have a 6 can option as well. Perfect for sharing. Check them out, along with coolers, tumblers, and more at

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