Canyon Coffee Press-Bot and Koozy-Bot

Canyon Coffee
Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee has solved a big problem for me.  And that problem was getting a good cup of Joe in the morning while camping.  My wife will tell you that it is just best if I get some coffee to start the day.  And Canyon Coffee‘s Press-Bot definitely takes care of that.

I started searching for a way to get coffee while backpacking after my last outing with my brother and nephew.  We were using an instant coffee that tasted, let‘s say, sub-par.  My nephew put it this way: “This coffee tastes the way that fireworks smell”.  After we all stopped laughing, my brother and I agreed with him.

I bought Canyon Coffee‘s Press-Bot and Koozy-Bot along with some coffee samples.   A coffee roaster in Flagstaff named Late for the Train Roastery produced the samples.  Check out  If you do purchase from Canyon Coffee, I recommend getting some coffee samples because it is quite good.  I got the North Rim Dark roast.

The Press-Bot is a pretty unique tool for making coffee in the woods.  If you already carry a wide mouth Nalgene bottle, the Press-Bot will turn it into a pretty big French Press.  Use the Koozy-Bot to protect your fingers from the heat, and voila, you can make coffee just as good as if it were made in the kitchen.

The Press-Bot is a pretty ingenious gadget.  The seal and screen plunger at the end of the French Press rod folds up and can be inserted into the Nalgene.  Once inside, the side wings fold out and form the bottom of the press.  A threaded plastic piece secures everything.  Take a look at the pictures to see how it works.

Canyon Coffee has produced a great instructional video demonstrating an easy way to get the Press-Bot in and out of the Nalgene bottle.  I recommend checking it out.  I‘ll say that it took a minute or two for me, but now that I have the hang of it, I have no troubles using the system.

To make coffee with the Press-Bot, you will first need to put coffee grounds into the Nalgene bottle.  Next insert the Press-Bot and slip the Koozy-Bot over the bottle.  Get your water boiling and pour the water through the Press-Bot and down into the coffee grounds.  Let the coffee steep for just a bit, and then press down the filter.  Disassemble the press, and clean the coffee grounds out of your Nalgene.

When filling the bottle to capacity, take care to keep the Press-Bot straight inside the Nalgene bottle.  If the mechanism is tilted when water reaches the top, coffee grounds will flow around the Press-Bot and into your coffee.

Canyon Coffee
Canyon Coffee

The Canyon Coffee Press-Bot weighs 2.4 ounces.  I will gladly carry that amount of weight around for good coffee.  The Koozy-Bot is fairly thin neoprene and weighs next to nothing.  You can also use the Koozy-Bot to grab hot handles of cooking pots and such.

Shipping was fast and easy.  I paid $25 for the Press-Bot and $7 for the Koozy-Bot on Canyon Coffee‘s website.  Canyon Coffee appears to be a great U.S. based company and I am a very happy morning person thanks to their products.  Check them out at

– Mark

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Hi Mark,
Thanks for the good words. The Press-Bot coffee press is the only press that brews in a Nalgene Bottle. Great for backpacking, ski touring, bike touring, morning commuters. You can find ’em at

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