Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove: Hands Down Favorite

Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove

I am dreading the day that Castelli no longer makes the CW 6.0 Cross Glove. But until then, I will continue to buy exact replacements as I wear out the current pair. The glove really is that good. I gave a brief mention of these in my “Favorite Things” article last year, but here are detailed reasons why I think so highly of them.

With our milder winters, the CW 6.0 Cross Glove is truly a four-season glove here, with me only leaving it at home on cold winter days or really hot summer ones. The long fingers have kept me comfortable with temperatures in the low 40s yet are plenty breathable for warmer days in the lower 80s.

Several features of the Castelli Cross Glove make it great for cyclocross racing. The glove seems to shed foul weather wonderfully. It is obviously not waterproof, nor does it claim to be, but it also does not seem to soak up a lot of water or get heavy even in downpours. Rubber grips on the palm provide secure grip on the bars no matter the conditions. This is not only great for assuring that you remain in control for steering and braking, but also is nice as you throw a wet and muddy top tube over your shoulder to clear the next barrier.

Alex, not going easy on his gloves. Or bike.

The padding of the Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove strikes a perfect balance between vibration damping and tactile feedback. Though cross racing is usually short, high-intensity efforts, there is no other glove I‘d rather have on my hands for all-day (plus) gravel adventures. I have worn this glove through the 337 miles of Trans Iowa and the 200 miles of the Dirty Kanza as well as other 100 mile gravel events and long-training days preparing for such.

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Iowa truly was the ultimate proving ground for these gloves. That race had it all. Cool mornings with temperatures in the 40s combined with 30 mph winds, rain and hail, muddy bikes to shoulder across B-Roads, and unrelenting jarring from hour-upon-hour of Iowa gravel. Throughout it all, I found that with a light rain jacket and arm warmers, my core got a little cold, but there was never a complaint from my hands. I had developed a trust in the gloves from winter training rides for TI, but I was still extremely impressed with the Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove after it was all over.

To top it all off, the glove is extremely durable. I put it through the wringer over many thousands of miles of gravel road training and racing. My first pair lasted around 20 months before a few holes were wearing in the fingers. I just bought a replacement pair last week and am looking forward to many-a-mile with them. Both pairs have retailed for around 50 bucks at various online retailers.

If you are looking for a do-it-all glove that truly shines when the roads are rough, or if you are looking for a perfect glove for cross season, the Castelli CW 6.0 is it. I hope Castelli continues to make this glove for a very long time. But just in case, I think I‘ll order another pair or two.

– Alex (Steak Sauce)

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