Protect Bike Inner Tubes With The BikeTube TubeSock

The TubeSock from is made for cyclists that like to bring a spare tube along on a ride. Every seasoned rider I know carries a spare tube because we all get flats sooner or later. Flat tires will end a day of riding unless they are repaired, and they really cause problems if you … Read more

Castelli Nanoflex Bib Knickers: Good-bye Excuses

It was no surprise to me that I was impressed with the Castelli Nanoflex 2 Bib Knickers. However, even with high expectations, these knickers still managed to amaze me. I bought these knickers as a cold weather defense to be worn on days that are too cold for knee warmers but not cold enough for … Read more

Drop-Stop One-By Chainrings for Shimano

In a recent press release from Wolf Tooth Components, they shared their plans to expand their Drop-Stop one-by chainring line. We love to let our readers in on new gear, and have a soft spot for those that make it right here in the USA. In a short time, Wolf Tooth has come to rate high on our list of quality bike parts. … Read more

Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove: Hands Down Favorite

I am dreading the day that Castelli no longer makes the CW 6.0 Cross Glove. But until then, I will continue to buy exact replacements as I wear out the current pair. The glove really is that good. I gave a brief mention of these in my “Favorite Things” article last year, but here are … Read more