Protect Bike Inner Tubes With The BikeTube TubeSock

The TubeSock from is made for cyclists that like to bring a spare tube along on a ride. Every seasoned rider I know carries a spare tube because we all get flats sooner or later. Flat tires will end a day of riding unless they are repaired, and they really cause problems if you are far away from help. Nobody likes bad days so protect your spare tube with the TubeSock and get back home with both tires full of air. recently created the TubeSock out of pure necessity. Sometimes the most simple ideas deliver the biggest rewards. Built from an abrasive resistant stretchy material the TubeSock easily fits bike tubes of any size. Big or small it fits them all, from that 29’er mountain bike plus sized tube to a kid’s 12″ tire bicycle. The TubeSock keeps tubes in a backpack or seat bag so they are in great shape when needed. Sharp, pointy tools or gritty dirt are the two big culprits for damaging spares so throw a TubeSock on there and stop those problems before they happen.

After the test sample arrived, I thought there is no way I can get this tiny little sock to stretch over my plus-sized mountain bike tube, but my tube fit inside! This little sock is like the Little Engine That Could because it just kept stretching & stretching. There is no doubt in my mind that Stretch Armstrong is envious. This super sock kept an inner tube in my hydration pack looking good as new and I’ve carried it for about 2 months now.

Click HERE and browse to and check out the TubeSock and their other fine products for yourself. At an MSRP of $3.99, most would consider the TubeSock cheap insurance. Let’s be real here, how often can you get a quality bicycle product for under five dollars? Pick one of these up and rest easy knowing that your spare tube won’t let you down.


I‘d like to thank BikeTube for sending the test sample out for review. We at Industry Outsider have budgets just like everyone else and we have to pay the rent too. Being able to pass along information on the gear we test lets us pay it forward and hopefully benefits everyone.

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