Carbon Tactics Ti Hook EDC Belt

What better way to celebrate July 4th this week than with some USA-made goods, like the Ti Hook belt from Carbon Tactics? While you can’t pick one up just yet, you can pre-order them on Kickstarter. Being their 9th Kickstarter project, it’s no surprise that it’s already fully funded. Luckily, I got an advance copy, and it looks like another winner.

Carbon Tactics Ti Hook EDC Belt

Now, you might be wondering why I’m so excited about this belt. To be honest, it’s not my first one from Carbon Tactics, but it instantly became my favorite. Because it’s the holy trifecta of belts. First, the belt strap itself is USA-made woven tactical nylon. Sturdy, and long-wearing, it doesn’t sag. Second, its curved, simple sliding buckle holds tight, but is infinitely adjustable, with nothing to wear out. Third, the titanium buckle coupled with the webbing options looks damn good.

Since this isn’t Michael Sargent’s first rodeo, he’s only gotten better at doing awesome things. Check out the titanium buckle. Sure, it’s nothing more than two slots and a hook. Well, and a curve. But it does so much with so little. Show me another buckle that is as easy to adjust, yet so solid. By the way, titanium is not the only option (unless you’re me). For some variety, you can get aluminum as well, anodized black (not shown), copper, or clear. Want even more? How about straps in black, coyote brown, or wolf grey? Even better, the straps can be ordered in double-layer as well. So if you’re hanging something heavy off your belt, you’ve got more options.

Carbon Tactics Ti Hook EDC Belt strap color options

All those options add up to an almost modular belt system. Pair the copper buckle with coyote brown belt for a sorta dressy look. Or go full stealth operator, and mix the black buckle with a black double-layer strap. Heck, you can even get in on the BioThane® option if you’re just using the belt to hold up your pants.

I never thought I’d have to explain how to use a belt, but the Ti Hook is a bit different. Before you get started, weave a few inches of the strap though the two slots in the buckle. Then, thread the end with the folded and sewn loop through your belt loops, like any other belt. Once you’ve gone around to the front, just slip the hook into the loop. It’s that simple. If it’s too tight or loose, unhook it, and slide to adjust. You can always get the perfect fit, whether you skip lunch or hit the buffet after work.

Carbon Tactics Ti Hook EDC Belt BioThane® option

As soon as my Ti Hook arrived, I tried it on and knew I was going to like it. Going with a slight curve, rather than a flat buckle gives a little extra comfort (and style). The single strap isn’t too stiff, but not too weak either. At 1.5 inches wide, it should work well with most holsters, if that’s your thing. If you’re just carrying a flashlight, sheathed knife, or multi-tool, no worries. For something light like a Shield in a Kydex holster, it’s hard to beat. For those that need to carry a full size sidearm and extra mags, you’ll want the double-layer though. As mentioned, you can get different straps for different tasks. And extra straps are still less than buying a whole new belt of any quality.

Carbon Tactics has definitely done it again. Based on their Kickstarter results, that’s pretty clear. If you want to get in on that action, click here. If you’ve want to learn more about the rest of their high quality EDC gear, head over to their website, It’s all designed, machined, and assembled in America too!


I’d like to thank Carbon Tactics for once again giving me the opportunity to be among the first to test one of their new products.

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The aluminum with grey actually looks really good. For those “non-operator” days. 🙂


I kinda dig the olive and copper one.

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