Outside-Inside Freestyle Ring Toss

Outside-Inside Adventure Games from GSI Outdoors adds more fun to your basecamp with family classics like their Freestyle Ring Toss. We go camping to have an adventure and to have fun. These games help us do both things at once.

I was fortunate enough to have received the Freestyle Ring Toss game to play with (I mean review).

Setup is as straightforward as can be and very easy for our children to do. A huge plus to have them set up and play on their own so we can prepare lunch or dinner. The base of the ring toss is placed on the ground to lock like a “+” sign and then the posts are screwed into the threaded holes. Now it‘s ready to rock.

 Freestyle Ring Toss
Freestyle Ring Toss image courtesy of Outside Inside

There is a number printed at the base of where each post is screwed in for scoring. The rings are made of cord with a bead or coupling on each one. This bead helps the ring travel farther and straighter.

As a parent, one of the things I also really appreciate is the net pouch it comes in. This makes for easy clean up and drying. We recently took this to Bear Lake in Idaho and the kids had a blast playing on the sand. Because when it was time to pack up, they rinsed everything, put them back in the pouch and let them hang dry. It just needed a couple of shakes to get rid of excess water and sand. Another added benefit is that because it fits in a pouch, it stores easily in a daypack and in a tent.

While our kids love the games, all of the adults got into them too. We soon had bets going with losers having to wash dishes. With other games like table tennis and washer toss, I am sure we will be picking up more of these. Outside Inside even has their own takes on classic board games like chess and ludo.

If you‘re looking to make your basecamp (or your backyard) more fun, check out Outside Inside and pick up a couple of games.

Visit them at: OutsideInsideGifts.com
MSRP for Freestyle Ring Toss: $31.95


Thank you to GSI Outdoors and Outsider Inside for sending out this sample for us to play with. It‘s fun for the whole family.

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