Allet RFID Slim Wallet – Durable, Comfortable, and Cool

Thin is in with the Allet RFID Slim Original wallet. I‘ll be the first to admit that I was not convinced that a wallet would be a life changer. After the past few months, I can say with certainty that it is.

The main feature of the Allet Slim Original and all of Allet‘s line is size. Particularly the lack thereof. I was able to take the entire contents of my old wallet and easily fit it in the Slim with room to spare. Even the two separate key cards I carry were not an issue. For such a slim wallet, it has a crazy amount of space to store stuff. They do have other versions for people who carry fewer cards and even one for passports.

Allet RFID Slim Original wallet
Allet RFID Slim Original wallet

As far as the size goes, I have not had a single issue with the wallet fitting in any of my shorts, pants jackets or even shirt pockets.

Weighing in at just a hair over one ounce, I hardly notice it at all. And that is actually my first thing to warn you all about. After years of using the same bulging wallet, it took me weeks to get used to just how thin and light the Allet RFID Slim is. I would constantly reach around to check my pocket to make sure I didn‘t forget my wallet at home.

Allet RFID Slim Original wallet
Allet RFID Slim Original wallet

The materials used to make this wallet are fantastic. The leather in particular is soft and very malleable and the pockets are also durable. After 4 months of daily use, they show no signs of wear and the leather still looks amazing. Not a single stitch has loosened.

The Allet RFID Slim Original uses technology to prevent crooks from stealing your information.  RFID (radio frequency identification) is used in credit cards to speed up processing time at the register.  The RFID Slim uses the same technology as the military to prevent this kind of theft.  I have not tested the RFID, but the piece of mind of knowing I don‘t need to worry is comforting.

My only tiny critiques are that the wallet doesn‘t have a have a small pocket for change nor a window for my ID. I would have been willing to give up a single pocket and replace it with a window for ID. Allet does have a Slim wallet that has an ID window, but it doesn‘t have this side-by-side layout which I really like.

So how is all of this life changing? When traveling, I am typically sitting down. Having a large lump in my pocket might be a little uncomfortable when taking a short flight or car trip. However, when I am in a car, travelling out of state, FOR HOURS, this wallet is a godsend. No more lump digging into my glutes and no more self-inflicted charlie horse.

If any of you are still carrying around a brick in your pocket, I cannot recommend this wallet enough. Seriously, give your glutes a break.

For more info click HERE to browse over to the Allet website.
MSRP: $49.99


A huge thank you to Allet for providing me the Slim Original to review and the time to really work it in.

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Do you have a picture of the inside of this wallet? I’d be interested to see how the pockets lay out.


Flatter than Ally McBeal. comment image

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