Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit, Take a Load Off

Backpacking is fun, relaxing, and good for me but backpacking is also challenging and sometimes downright difficult.  Backpacking and camping are not only a way to get fit and relieve stress but roughing it also reminds us of how creature comforts really are great.  For example, having a place to sit other than the bare ground is something we take for granted.  Out on the trail, there aren‘t any recliners or couches so if you‘d like a better seat, you are going to have to bring it with you.  The Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit is a lightweight option and it is pretty darn comfortable as well.

Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit
Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit

If you have been looking for a backpacking chair, you know there are plenty of options.  From three legged stools to chairs stretching fabric over light metal frames to just foam pads, the choices go on and on.  I‘ve tried several and the Trekker Chair Kit puts check marks in many of the right boxes.

The Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit uses two fabric sleeves and thin aluminum rods to form a pad into a chair.  Some adjustable straps with buckles hold everything together and give some room to customize the chair to your liking.  Check out THIS video from Thermarest to see how the kit works.

Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit
Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit

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The Trekker Chair Kit has a lot going for it.  I am using the 25 inch larger version of the chair kit so these specs are for that size.  The kit packs down to a stick roughly 3 inches by 19 inches and it weighs about 12.8 ounces.  I‘m a bigger guy and this chair fits me well.  The Thermarest Trail Pro sleeping pad works perfectly with the kit and makes a nice cushy seat.  The pad makes a tall back for support and a double thick seat for cushioning.  Unlike chairs that use a sheet of fabric for the seat, this chair is nice and warm on the backside.

I prefer to sit up off of the ground a bit so I usually look for a big log or large flat rock and use those things for some chair legs.  The chair kit is comfortable even flat on the ground and the adjustable straps for the back make it easy to adjust the amount of recline.  Since your sleeping pad makes the chair, use some care when picking out a spot to sit because a sharp briar or hot ember from the campfire could put a hole in the mat which is not good.

Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit
Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit

The 25 inch Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit has an MSRP of $49.95 so it won‘t put a big dent in the wallet.  I‘ll be carrying the kit with me anytime I am camping with a tent and carrying a sleeping pad.  The Trekker Chair Kit may not be for hammock campers that choose to use an underquilt instead of a pad.  You can check out more gear from Thermarest HERE.


Thanks to Thermarest for providing the Trekker Chair Kit for testing and review.  We at Industry Outsider have limited budgets just like everyone else.  Hopefully the information we pass along about our experiences benefits everyone.

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