Thermarest Trekker Chair Kit, Take a Load Off

Backpacking is fun, relaxing, and good for me but backpacking is also challenging and sometimes downright difficult.  Backpacking and camping are not only a way to get fit and relieve stress but roughing it also reminds us of how creature comforts really are great.  For example, having a place to sit other than the bare … Read more

Thermarest Corus HD Has Warmth Not Weight

The Thermarest Corus HD quilt is new for 2016 and Thermarest says it is their most technical down quilt.  I am a big fan of quilts, although I do enjoy burrowing up into a warm sleeping bag.  Camping or backpacking quilts are more popular recently and there are good reasons for this.  The biggest advantage … Read more

Therm-a-Rest With New Gear at ORSM 2016

The Therm-a-Rest crew were pretty busy and they have created some great new products.  We‘ve been testing the Slacker lineup, but now there‘s plenty more goodies for the hammock crowd. The Slacker Hammock House is a complete shelter system and includes everything but insulation.  The Hammock House includes a hammock with integrated bug net and … Read more