Another optic option for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown

Sun Optics 2-6x28 scope on the Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle

Popularity and controversy frequently go hand in hand. Ruger’s popular 10/22 Takedown is no exception. As a stock rifle with iron sights, it’s a top seller, and hard to find right now. Few people are debating the utility of a handy rimfire that can fit in a backpack. The point of contention is the optics … Read more

Copper Basin Takedown Firearm Backpack

Copper Basin Takedown Firearm Backpack

One of my favorite new pieces of gear is the Takedown Firearm Backpack from Copper Basin. It’s a backpack specifically designed for takedown-style firearms. There are plenty of similar backpacks out there, but I don’t like most of them. I prefer the covert look, rather than a tactical bag. And this one doesn’t scream “mall … Read more

CampStove 2 Bundle from BioLite

The BioLite CampStove 2

To celebrate Earth Day 2020, Bioliteenergy has released a limited edition CampStove 2 Bundle. There is so much coolness to share about this, I’m not even sure where to start. Probably most important is that 10% of the sales of this bundle go directly to support Climate Neutral. They’re a nonprofit that helps companies offset … Read more

ToughTested ROC Waterproof 10,000mAh Solar Wireless Charger

ToughTested ROC Waterproof 10,000mAh Solar Wireless Charger

Who needs a ToughTested ROC Solar Wireless Charger? Anyone who works outside their home, spends time outdoors, or just wants to be prepared. That includes hikers, hunters, cyclists, backpackers, preppers, and even office workers. This isn’t just for charging phones so you can post selfies. It’s ideal for charging GPS and satellite messaging devices as … Read more

Use Nature‘s Fuel With the Solo Stove Lite

Unless you’re in the desert, the Solo Stove Lite has an advantage over most other stoves. When it comes to backpacking, there are a lot of good choices out there.  You can get stoves that burn isobutane, white gas, and alcohol, but you have to carry the fuel in addition to the stove.  Solo Stove … Read more