Zenbivy Light Bed on Indiegogo

Zenbivy got started a little over a year ago, and their sleep system interested me when it came out.  The Zenbivy Light Bed is coming to Indiegogo on September 13th and it looks pretty interesting.  Camping quilts are gaining popularity these days and that is happening for good reasons.  Quilts tend to be lighter, less … Read more

Sierra Designs 20 Degree Backcountry Quilt: Warm, Light, Innovative

If you haven‘t heard, there‘s a new kid on the block when it comes to sleeping outside.  Camping quilts have been around for a long time but are becoming more and more popular with hammock camping.  I really enjoy using quilts when camping and the weather must be very cold before I go back to … Read more

Thermarest Corus HD Has Warmth Not Weight

The Thermarest Corus HD quilt is new for 2016 and Thermarest says it is their most technical down quilt.  I am a big fan of quilts, although I do enjoy burrowing up into a warm sleeping bag.  Camping or backpacking quilts are more popular recently and there are good reasons for this.  The biggest advantage … Read more