Silca Celebrates 100 Years in Style

SILCA Turns 100: Introducing The New SILCA PISTA Pump And HX-ONE

Celebrating A Century Of Toolmaking With Timeless Classics Reimagined

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 ‘” INDIANAPOLIS, IN. – SILCA – – An icon returns! SILCA re-introduces the PISTA track pump. Considered to be one of the most successful and iconic cycling products in history, SILCA brings back a classic to their line of precision tools and bicycle inflation. The SILCA team went through great lengths to preserve the aesthetics and form of the original Pista while improving function and durability, using the finest materials paired with modern engineering and assembly. Each PISTA pump comes with an optional anniversary travel bag made from 600D Nylon and Canvas with multiple storage pockets, sure to turn heads in the crit parking lot.

PISTA Floor Pump: A Classic Reborn


In 1940 the original Pista set the industry standard for precision inflation, durability, and ease of service becoming the go-to pump for professional and home mechanics.  Fast forward nearly 80 years and SILCA is proud to introduce an all new pump worthy of the PISTA name.  Taking cues from the original, the new PISTA incorporates a high-strength, steel-barrel with a flat profile and smaller size that make the pump travel friendly, especially when paired with the limited edition travel case. The PISTA is available as a stand alone for $125 or with the travel bag for $199.


What Makes the PISTA Different?

  • Durable: High-Strength Barrel / Ash Wood Handle / Fully Serviceable
  • Powerful: Rated to 220psi / Bleed Valve
  • Efficient: SILCA Leather Plunger Piston Design
  • Portable: 600D Nylon and Canvas travel case


PISTA Floor Pump Features:

  • Durable, high-strength steel barrel
  • Compact Ash wood handle with hose guides
  • High efficiency SILCA leather plunger piston design
  • Brass check-valve assembly
  • Long filler hose with integrated schrader chuck
  • Push-on alloy presta chuck with bleeder valve
  • Rated to 220psi
  • MSRP: Pista – $125 | Pista + Travel Bag $199


Anniversary HX-ONE Tool Kit:

To celebrate a century of refined toolmaking for performance cycling, SILCA has released a limited edition set of Anniversary HX-ONE hex keys. The fully forged S2 steel keys are encased in a beautiful and limited edition box made from the  heartwood of American Walnut trees. Each HX-ONE box is adorned with SILCA‘s centennial emblem, hand-painted on 304 stainless steel. SILCA continues to push the envelope, using the finest materials and craftsmanship available.

The HX-ONE has quickly become an icon of the SILCA brand. Made of S-2 Steel, which yields stronger tools with much harder surfaces for prolonged tool life, the keys are then coated with thin-dense Chrome, a process generally reserved for molded tool components or optical grade surfaces. This coating provides the hardest, most dimensionally stable finish possible on each hex key. Finally, each tool is spray coated with a textured polymer finish for maximum grip and control.

Included with the Anniversary HX-One kit is the proprietary SILCA 17-4 Stainless Magnetic Adapter. The Adapter instantly turns the 6mm Hex Key into a ¼” socket drive which can fit any common ¼” driver Bit. Included in the kit are the 6 most common Torx sizes, 2 Phillips Head and 2 Flathead Drivers.


SILCA Anniversary HX-ONE Tool Kit
SILCA Anniversary HX-ONE Tool Kit

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What Makes the Anniversary HX-ONE Different?

  • Quality: S2 Steel and Red Polymer Coating
  • Adaptability: Four Torx Bits and Other Common Fasteners
  • Diversity: 10 Steel Bit Types
  • Limited edition: Heartwood of American Walnut box with SILCA‘s centennial emblem, handpainted on 304 stainless steel.


Anniversary HX-ONE Features:

  • Heartwood of American Walnut Box
  • S2 Steel hex keys
    • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Red polymer coating for superior grip
  • Custom S2 Steel bit adapter to standard 1/4” bit
  • 10 S2 Steel bits found in every cycling workshop
    • Torx T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, & T30
    • Two sizes of each Phillips and flat screwdriver heads
  • SILCA standard adapters for star keys and other common fasteners
  • MSRP: $185
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I actually gave away my Pista pump. What was I thinking?

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