CGear Sand-Free Ventolation and Sandlite

CGear is showing up at Outdoor Retailer with some cool new shoes and blankets.  Check out the Ventolation shoes and Sandlite blanket.  These should keep the sand under control at your next beach visit.  Press releases are below.

These Shoes Eat Sand for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

CGear Sand-Free debuts VENTOLATION shoe line at 2018 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show

CGear Sand-Free, creator of products for a sand-free life, introduces VENTOLATION, a footwear collection with a patented, innovative design. A removable insole system vents sand, water and air through channels in the sole keeping feet clean, cool and dry. The VENTOLATION collection includes slip resistant, quick-drying sandals and flip flops for men and women as well as sandals and espadrilles for boys and sandals and ballerina flats for girls.

CGear Sand-Free VENTOLATION shoe
CGear Sand-Free VENTOLATION shoe

VENTOLATION shoes are durable and lightweight making them perfect for the beach, boat, campsite or everyday wear. Underneath the removable insole anatomic columns and a center elevation force sand and dirt particles or water to travel to the sides of the shoe. The perforated sole expels water and sand with every step.

The perforated insole can be removed from the shoes for cleaning or to swap in a new color. In addition to keeping sand and water buildup out of shoes the perforation also delivers cooling air-flow to the feet. Wearing VENTOLATION shoes is essentially like standing on air. The columns inside the shoe are spaced apart resulting in less material under foot and rotary ventilation of air. Instead of sweating and suffocating feet are allowed to breathe comfortably.

“After inventing a sand-free fabric that keeps beach blankets and campsite tarps from being covered in annoying particles of grime, we knew the next problem we needed to solve was the issue of dirt and water trapped in shoes,” said CGear founder Ben Kerr. “Our patented design of the VENTOLATION footwear collection will eliminate you needing to stop and shake out your shoes while enjoying outdoor activities. In addition to sandals and flip flops we plan on introducing cold weather designs and more formal weekend styles in the future.”

CGEAR Goes Soft, But Not on Sand or Dirt

New SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat features soft-touch fabric, same sand repelling capabilities

CGear Sand-Free, creator of products for a sand-free life, is evolving the weave and texture of its patented sand-free fabrics to create a softer and lighter version that delivers undeniable comfort and portability. The new SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat is as comfortable as any beach towel or picnic blanket, with the added benefit of its ability to repel dirt, sand and dust.

CGear SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat
CGear SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat

Scheduled for launch in March 2018, the SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat will be available in a variety of colors and patterns. The oversized design allows one person to easily lie down on the mat without encountering any sand or dirt on the ground around the mat. Multiple people can comfortably use the mat for sitting as well. If dirt or sand is kicked onto the SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat it will fall through the specially designed weave of the fabric and any remaining particles can quickly be brushed through with a sweep of the hand.

The SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat can be folded and rolled into a tidy bundle for easy carrying using the built-in fabric handle. An attached cover on the back of the mat secures it closed with an elastic band. Because sand and dirt cannot stick to the SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat, shaking out beach towels and picnic blankets is finished. Car trunks and back seats will never require a deep cleaning after a day at the beach again. SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat provides all of the comfort of home in the outdoors without any of the mess.

“The days of going to the beach and getting covered in sticky sand or spending hours vacuuming the car and the house after camping are over. Now your gear and where you store it will stay clean with almost no effort,” said CGear founder Ben Kerr. “The SANDLITE mat leaves the sand and dirt where it belongs, on the ground, while you stay comfortable and clean.”

About CGear Sand-Free

CGear was established in 2003 in Australia and holds a patent in 100 countries for its sand-free mats. Originally, the patented CGear fabric was invented for military use to reduce brown out during helicopter landing and takeoff. In 2010, the first consumer product was introduced to the U.S. market and it rapidly became a favorite of beach lovers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.  Visit for more information.

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