Tractiongrips for the KSG

Tractiongrips are one of the mods I found “necessary” for my KSG. It’s got the recoil pad, upgraded rail, and new followers. In addition, there’s a Defender muzzle brake, extended magazine selector, and Magpul vertical grip. That’s about $300 in upgrades, most of which are related to safety and comfort. But there are two more things I added, for less than $10 each, which make a huge difference when shooting. That’s the Tractiongrips for the Kel-Tec KSG itself, and another for the Magpul grip.

KSG, after the installation of Tractiongrips
KSG, after the installation of Tractiongrips


Both Kel-Tec and Magpul have extensive experience in high tech plastics. But there is only so much they can do as far as grip. Perhaps with other firearms, it’s not a big deal. But the KSG functions best when you work the action with authority. If you want it to load and eject properly, you have to rack that slide like you mean it. And with the addition of Tractiongrips, this is greatly improved. Instead of hard, slippery plastic, I’m now grabbing grippy rubber. *Note that the KSG kit includes material for the grip and slide. I only installed the grip portion.

Prep and install:

Each package of Tractiongrips comes with the grip material, and easy to follow instructions. I’ve installed them on several different firearms, but like to “test” install them before I peel off the backing. That’s much easier than trying to figure it out after you’ve exposed the adhesive. Once they’re on there, you can’t really reposition them. But removing them is fairly easy, and it leaves no residue. So this is a non-permanent process.

As long as you have a hair dryer or heat gun, you can install them in a few minutes. After clearing your firearm (check it twice) the first step is to wash your grip thoroughly. Doing so allows the best adhesion. I heat the grip to make sure it’s dry, but also to warm it up a bit. Then I position the Tractiongrips. Once they are in place, I heat with the hair dryer, on high. That gets the adhesive warm and makes the grip a bit more pliable. While it’s still warm, I grip it with one hand, then the other. Then I check all the edges. Let it cool, and give the adhesive a day to fully cure. That’s it.

Closeup of KSG grip, after the installation of Tractiongrips
Closeup of KSG grip, after the installation of Tractiongrips


You can see in the photo above that they really adhere to the contour of the factory grip. This is important for some, as they don’t add much extra width. If you’re a tactical “operator” type, and always wear gloves, you might not notice them at all. For the rest of use, they improve the tactile feel. Grippy rubber is just better than hard plastic. Whether for function or comfort, the Tractiongrips make a difference. And usually for less than ten bucks. Can’t beat that. Check them out at They’ve got something for most firearms, and are 100% made in America.


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