CGear Sand-Free Ventolation KOS Slides

CGear sent over a pair of Ventolation KOS slides for test and review and I‘ve fed them dirt and gravel a plenty.  CGear designed these to keep sand under control. We have some beaches around here but these also work well in the streams and rivers where I live.  For you lucky people that live near the coast, this design could be just what you are looking for.

CGear Sand-Free Ventolation KOS Slides
CGear Sand-Free Ventolation KOS Slides

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All of the Ventolation styles use a two-piece design.  Their perforated insole fits inside the main outsole of the slide.  A series of channels in the outsole allows water, sand, and whatever else falls through the insole to escape the sides of the slide.  As you walk, sand and debris flow out of the side of the outsole. And your weight pumps water through the shoe as you walk in water.  All this action pushes everything down through the insole and out of the sides of the outsole.

Four round squishy pegs fit into round holes in the outsole and a tongue and groove system hold the edges of the insole in place.  The insole stays in place well but it pops out easily if you want to wash out the inside of the shoe.


In the past, I have not been a fan of slides or flip-flops.  These types of shoes just wouldn‘t stay on my feet.  My toes would try and grip the shoes and that caused my arches to cramp.  As a result, I never found these shoes comfortable and I didn‘t wear them.  The Ventolation KOS slides don‘t have this problem.  I don‘t know if the holes in the soles do the trick or if there is some other feature, but the KOS slides stay on my feet.

I wear a size 11 shoe now but can sometimes fit into a 10 ½.  I got a pair of size 11 Ventolation KOS slides for testing and they fit well.  There is plenty of shoe in front of my toes to give protection but not so much to dangle and trip on.  The width is very good and doesn‘t squeeze my forefoot and the straps do their job in keeping the slides on.  The strap at the back tends to fall down which is a bit annoying so maybe I could have gone with the 10 ½.

When I first wore the Ventolation KOS slides, I definitely noticed the holes in the insole.  After a while, I don‘t notice this so much and I‘m not sure if the slides needed a bit of break in or my feet just became accustomed.  You can definitely feel the channels and those round studs when you are walking but this isn‘t uncomfortable.

Ventolation KOS final thoughts and pricing

The CGear Ventolation KOS slides sell for $39.99 on the CGear website.  They are available in four colors and a wide variety of sizes.  CGear offers a couple styles for both men and women, and they offer styles for the kids too.  If you love the beach but not so much dealing with sand everywhere, these may be the ticket for you.  Visit for more information.

Thanks to CGear for sending out the Ventolation KOS slides for test and review.  These slides will be seeing a lot of the rivers and creeks around here.

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