Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer

My family and I are into kayaking these days and we are discovering gear that we like and better ways of enjoying the sport.  The whole process of getting boats out of storage, loading them for transport and then back is a good example.  Our kayaks weigh anywhere from 45 to 60 pounds, so the boats aren‘t really that heavy.  They become heavy when four of them need to be loaded onto the top of a vehicle and strapped down.  That chore took between 30 minutes and an hour and that eats into time on the water.  Then I picked up a Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer and made everyone happier.

Shipping, Assembly, and Construction

The Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer arrived at my doorstep unassembled, although you can buy the trailer built and ready to go.  The four shipping boxes took a beating during shipment, but the parts of the trailer were protected.  None of them were damaged and they were all there.  Assembly instructions are easy to follow and accurate.  I assembled the trailer over a few evenings, taking my time, but the trailer could be totally put together in one long afternoon/evening.

Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer
Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer, assembled, and ready to go

The construction of the trailer is very good.  The metal parts are strong, and the paint seems to be good quality.  Self-locking nuts are used throughout so you do not have to worry about things loosening when bouncing around on dirt roads on the way to the river.  The trailer comes with tail lights, side marker lights, and the standard 4 pin flat wiring connector.  One side marker bulb did not work, but I bought a replacement for 2 dollars.  Right-On offered to ship a replacement, but I just bought one locally.

Versatility and Function

The Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer holds our four kayaks easily.  The 64-inch round bars provide plenty of room.  Our boats range from 10 to 11 ½ feet long, but larger boats should be no problem.  We load two kayaks resting on their bottoms on the top rack and two kayaks on their sides on the bottom.  The kayaks on the bottom can fit inside or outside the upright supports for the top rack.  If you strap the two bottom boats outside the vertical supports on the bottom rack, something like a Yakima box will fit in the middle.  Any Yakima rack that fits Yakima round bars works with this trailer.

Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer
Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer, fully loaded

Towing this trailer is no problem, and you can push it around yourself since it weighs about 190 pounds.  Smaller trailers like this one are a bit of a challenge to back up if you aren‘t experienced with trailers.  I‘m in this group of people so it is handy to be able to just un-hook and push the trailer into the garage.  Nice Kenda tires are provided but you‘ll need to buy a spare separately if you want one.  The tail lights are typical for trailers of this size.  They aren‘t overly large but are bright enough.  Wiring them was easy and they work as they should.

Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer Final Thoughts

The Right-On Multisport Rack Trailer comes with safety chains, a license plate holder, and a fold up style tongue stand.  You‘ll need a 1 7/8-inch ball to work with the hitch on this trailer.  Right-On provides the paperwork you‘ll need to apply for a title in your state.  I had no trouble getting a title and license here.

Price on the trailer range from $749 to $899 depending on whether you want the trailer assembled and shipped to your door.  Trailers aren‘t cheap, but in my opinion, the Multisport Rack trailer has a lot to offer for the price.  The build quality is solid, there a lot of options to carry all sorts of gear, and Right-On has great customer service.  Check out their trailers and accessories by clicking HERE.

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