Clakit Pouches Put the Gear Where You Can Get It

Until recently, I had not heard of Clakit and the products they make.  As the ORSM 2017 show approached, someone from Clakit introduced themselves and offered to send some test samples.  Over the past few weeks, the Clakit pouches proved their usefulness and no issues with quality showed up.

Clakit makes several accessory pockets for the shoulder straps of your backpack.  The key piece of these is the Clakit Clip.  This clip slides into each accessory pocket and clamps the pockets onto a shoulder strap.  The clip is made of industrial strength nylon and it fits shoulder straps up to 3 inches wide.  A series of notches allows the clip to clamp onto straps whether they are thicker or thinner.  The clamp releases easily but I never had one accidentally open.

Clakit Two Zipper Pouch
Clakit Two Zipper Pouch

The Two Zipper Pouch bundle includes a Clakit Clip and of course the pouch.  It measures 7 inches high by 4 inches wide and it is 1.5 inches deep.  A heavy duty waterproof 1000D nylon makes the body of the pouch.  Two zippers and one flap pocket held my Galaxy S7 easily, even in a protective case.  This pouch came in especially handy at the show.  After taking my pack off several times to get business cards, my friend told me I needed to find a better spot for those.  I stuck the cards in the Two Zipper Pouch and solved that problem right away.

Clakit Clip
Clakit Clip

The Water Bottle Pouch bundle also includes a Clakit Clip and measures 6 inches high by 3.5 inches wide.  A mesh front is sewn to a lightweight padded Cordura backing which keeps its shape and limits bouncing.  This pouch holds most water bottles up to 750 milliliters.  Getting to water bottles in this pouch is way easier than reaching behind to get one from a side pocket of the pack.

Clakit Water Bottle Pouch
Clakit Water Bottle Pouch

Clakit Clips attach to almost anything with a shoulder strap.  Ladies can attach them to purses or diaper bags.  School kids can use them on their packs and I think they would be handy on camera bags and gym bags.  Any items you use often are good to put in Clakit pouches on a shoulder strap.

The Two Zipper Pouch bundles sells for $19.95 and the Water Bottle Pouch bundle will run $14.95.  I had only one small issue with the Clakit Clips.  On my way home with a heavy pack, the clip tended to press on my collar bone.  Luckily, the clip moves up or down the shoulder strap easily and this solved the problem.  Clakit makes more useful gear as well.  Click HERE to head over to their website.


Thanks to Clakit for sending out the samples for testing and review.  We have to budget our cash around here just like everyone else and it is a real privilege to be able to pass along information on our testing.

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