Clean Bottle’s “bottle boy” runs with the leaders at the Tour de France

I have to admire this guy. He’s creative, and he’s got balls.

HORS CATEGORIE, FRANCE (CFEpr+) July 21, 2010 – – Dave Mayer, founder of Clean Bottle, a revolutionary sports bottle that unscrews at both ends for easy cleaning, didn’t have a lot of money to launch his business. So he got creative. Mayer put together a five-foot-tall replica costume of his product, booked a flight to France and has been running alongside the riders at the tops of the climbs of the Tour de France.

In the process he’s become a minor celebrity.

“From what I hear I’ve gotten some good television time” said Mayer “my inbox is flooded with people telling me what a kick they get out of “Bottle Boy” running along with the cyclists.”

Instant Success at and
Mayer launched his company a few months ago and saw immediate uptake. The product was picked up by REI, and other major retailers and is distributed in over a dozen countries.

“It’s great that people see value in the product. Athletes often can’t clean out the gunk and mold that accumulates at the bottom of their bottles. With Clean Bottle, they save themselves the cost of buying new bottles, and probably a stomach ache or two from not drinking from dirty ones.”

Creates “Bottle Boy” Costume for National Product Launchclean bottle suit
Buoyed by his initial success, Mayer decided he needed to do a national product launch. But, he didn’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes for this kind of effort.

Instead, he came up with “Bottle Boy” and launched a plan to run along the tops of the climbs of 12 stages of the Tour de France.

“The Tour de France is the Super Bowl of cycling.  By running with the riders I’d essentially get free commercial time focused on my exact target audience. I’d do it in a creative, funny way that hopefully would get people’s attention.”

Sales are Climbing Through the Roof!
So far, Mayer’s plan is working. “I’ve gone from $4,000 a month in sales to $4,000 a day.  And people are constantly emailing me about the bottle and what a great idea it is. Driving all night to get to the next stage and then hauling the costume some times as much as 20 kilometers to the top of every climb is a lot of work, but it’s definitely been worth it.”

Look for Clean Bottle on Thursday’s Tourmalet Climb!
Clean Bottle’s Tour de France concludes with Thursday’s 19 kilometer climb up the Tourmalet, one of cycling’s toughest climbs. Look for Bottle Boy near the top, cheering on the riders and bringing smiles to the faces of cycling fans worldwide.

You can also see Clean Bottle’s ‘stage reports’ at the Clean Bottle blog, and its Facebook page

About Clean Bottle:

Clean Bottle was founded and is run by David Mayer, a road and mountain cyclist. Dave’s dream is to create phenomenal products that customers love and raise money for good causes.

Clean Bottle supports charities including Engineers Without Borders, Nature Conservancy, Yield to Life, Water1st, the California Bicycle Coalition and more.

Call Clean Bottle at 650.281.7681 and email to get on board the Clean Bottle Revolution!

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