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Alison Bennett

I am mentally and physically happy when I am exercising and fit. Nutrition is a huge component of this. Clif bars help me achieve my health and fitness goals.


Best product on the market! They’ve figured out how to put a good tasting quality product together that just plain works well ! Thank you, may I have another ?:)


Working 65+ hours per week makes it difficult to eat healthy all the time. It’s nice to have something that makes it easy and delicious.

Carl Harsch

The mint chocolate chip is da bomb!


Like you I first discovered these gems at Trader Joe’s in CA! Being a yoga instructor and trying to set the example of not eating a couple hours (ideally) before class…yet having the metabolism of a lumberjack I am able to nosh on one of these right before class and have it not only take the edge off but give me some energy and protein as well! Namaste


Clif Bars are my ‘goto’ rocket fuel on and off the bike (just finished a chocolate chip and peanut butter). They always give me the boost I need and never give me a sugar crash.

I really need to stock up on Builder bars to help increase my fitness level so I can keep up with a guy named ‘Jeff’ next time we meet on the mountain bike trails.


I always buy the chocolate in the 6 pk because I can get my chocolate fix and know that I am not opening up a flood gate that ends in me brutalizing the vending machine for more. It has also served as a meal/ snack replacement now that I am actually dedicated to losing some post partum pounds and I have been able to lose 2 lbs a week. 🙂


I need SOMETHING to go along with my orange Rockstar every morning!


I have been looking for a great bar to help build my leg muscles to climb that mountain. Can’t wait to try them!

Robb Wilcox

I would love some free Cliff bars. I am either in the gym or on my bike every day (sans required rest days). Having a quick snack to refuel after an effort while I head to work is always a boon to me. Hook a brotha up. (yeah I said it)

Dave Rioux

Being a grandfather of four with at least two grandchildren on hand daily takes up a lot of my time. I need to maintain my fitness level in order to keep up with the kids. I have a regular work out routine that involves cycling and resistance training. So at times I may need to cut a few corners when it comes to me and that may end up being my nutrition. Cliff bar builder packs may just be the product I need to get the proper boost and nutrition supplement I need in a pinch.


cause I have a rumbly in my tumbly.


I used to be a lean, mean cycling machine. I am now a rotund purveyor of sucky cycling performance. Please, Industry Outsider, help fuel me in to becoming to Adonis of Cycling that I aspire to be. Plus Clif products taste awesome.


This year I would love to get in to the workout mind set and work on getting in shape. This accompanied with eating heather and having the right stuff to recover after a nice workout or hike. I think having one of these cliff bar packs would be a great start. 🙂

Robert Boody

I need some high-energy snacks to bring to cycling races and on weekend tours!


This year I plan on touring from Northern Indiana down to Port Orange Florida, and taking along some high energy bars would be idea to put in the handlebar bag for such a ride.


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Zahraa Bazzi

I am huge on fitness and health. Basically, it’s my life. I go to the gym and taekwondo. (Taekwondo is a type of martial arts btw). Anyway, when I go to the gym and or taekwondo, I am always STARVING before I go! Usually, I don’t eat anything so I don’t lose energy. However, with these amazing protein bars, I won’t have to worry! So, instead of losing energy and stuffing myself directly after I workout, I can eat one of these delectably protein bars! Giving me energy and nothing to worry about, these are PERFECT!<3

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