CloudLine Apparel Switchback Hiker Socks

We recently published an intro to CloudLine Apparel, and their Switchback Hiker socks. Click here to read this article and find out more about CloudLine. As I had hoped, these guys sent over a couple pairs of their socks for my three night hike on the Buffalo River Trail. I walked a little over 26 miles wearing a single pair of CloudLine socks. Since then, I find myself looking for these socks in the washed laundry because I like them so much.

The CloudLine Switchback is made in Fort Payne, Alabama. I try to buy U.S. made products and go out of my way to bring attention to companies providing jobs here in the States. CloudLine gets an ultra-soft merino wool from Germany that makes up 83% of the socks. Nylon and Spandex finish off the blend and CloudLine knits the socks themselves.

CloudLine Apparel Switchback Hiker Socks

The Switchback is a mid to heavy weight sock that I find to be just right. They are thick enough to provide warmth and some cushioning but are not so heavy that they can‘t be worn in warmer weather. My feet stayed dry and blister free for the whole hike. I did use some thin sock liners and my feet got some hot spots, but not one blister. I wore the same pair of socks for the whole hike. Heavier sleeping specific socks meant I could let the Switchbacks breathe overnight. Keeping moisture away from your feet is key to blister prevention, and my feet stayed dry even on the warmer days.

CloudLine Apparel Switchback Hiker Socks

CloudLine says the Switchback socks are anti-microbial. I couldn‘t measure how many microbes might be living in my socks after the trip but I can say that the Switchback socks didn‘t smell that bad after the hike. They weren‘t exactly downy fresh, but these socks really performed.
The feel of the CloudLine Switchback socks is super. Brand new wool socks feel so soft and plush. I‘ve washed these socks several times now and they wash well. A bit of the original fuzzy soft goodness goes away in the wash but the socks still feel great. The upper cuffs of the Switchback socks stay in place and no seams are noticeable while wearing the socks.

CloudLine backs their socks with a 100% guarantee. On their FAQ page, CloudLine says to get in touch if you are not happy with your purchase and they will make it right. These guys have a lot of confidence in their product with good reason.

The Switchback is available in size small to extra-large and comes in 8 colors for now. MSRP is $19.99. Having tried quite a few wool socks in my day, these are among the best.  Click here to go to the CloudLine website.

– Mark

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