Coast A8R Rechargeable Penlight

Coast A8R Rechargeable Penlight
Coast A8R Rechargeable Penlight

The A8R rechargeable penlight from Coast is yet another reminder that you can never have too many flashlights. We could all use a high power beam with a long throw for spotting wildlife at night. And one with a wider beam for lighting up the trail during hikes. Plus smaller, lower powered lights for reading maps, cooking, setting up camp, and various other tasks. That’s just for our outdoor stuff. There are plenty of other options for around the house and maybe one or two to keep in the car, or your desk at work. But the A8R can go just about anywhere with you during your waking hours.

Coast A8R Rechargeable Penlight Pro-Flex charging cap
Coast A8R Rechargeable Penlight Pro-Flex charging cap

Designed as an inspection light, the Coast A8R is but 4 inches long, and a mere four tenths of an ounce. If not for the rubberized pocket clip, it would be easy to mistake it for one of those early electronic cigarettes. The aluminum exterior houses a lithium polymer battery, which allows for an hour and 15 minutes of continuous run time. There is an LED at one end, and a rubberized button on the other. Output is only 12 lumens, which is perfect for close up work, but still bright enough to reach out a few feet. And it’s a nice fixed spot sized just right for inspecting the bore of an antique shotgun, or peeking into an attic crawlspace. These may not be things you do every day, but having the ever-handy Coast A8R means you can, without having to go searching for a light.

In keeping with their philosophy of giving you more for your money, Coast includes both an AC adapter, and a 12 volt accessory outlet charger, to go with their Pro-Flex charging cap. This cap has a USB plug which uses either of the adapters mentioned, or a standard USB computer port. So you’ll always have a way to charge it, should it go flat at the wrong time. We really liked how simple it was to charge too. There are a couple of rings on the light’s body which are the contacts for the charger. Just slide the light into the cap, and plug it in.

With its MSRP of $49.99, the Coast A8R may not be a stocking stuffer for everyone, but a quick search showed that actual retail is quite a bit lower, making it the kind of gift you might buy for someone else, plus pick up a second for yourself. And it’s really just too handy not to.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the Coast A8R Rechargeable Penlight for free from Coast Portland in consideration for review publication.

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