Coast TX100 LED Flashlight

Coast TX100
Coast TX100

Once upon a time, a flashlight was just a device used to store dead batteries. Bulbs were weak and hungry, and would break when you needed them most. Along came LED technology, and suddenly we had more output and longer battery life. Lens designs became more complex, so we could have a wide beam that was even, edge to edge, or a tight spot that would throw light beyond the reach of our vision. O-rings sealed everything so lights would run in the worst of weather. How do you top that? Meet the Coast TX100.

This 4.8 ounce light comes in at just under 6 inches long (5.9, to be precise), which makes it ideal for every day, or every night, use. What really makes it special though, is the three LED bulbs it contains. Tap the rubber tail switch, and you have 154 lumens of clean white light. That’s enough to light your path when out for a hike or dog walk, find something in a dark garage, check your attic for mice, or your belfry for bats. It’s not so bright that it blinds you, and will run for over 13 hours on a single set of batteries. Tap it a second time, and the white light goes off, and a blue LED comes on. Coasts states that the blue light works well in fog, and is good for tracking. Want more? Coast also threw in a red LED, which is ideal for those times when you need less light, and it will not affect your night vision the way white light does. It’s all housed in a durable aluminum body with some nice knurling that offers a bit of grip, although not aggressive enough for my tastes. There is also a clip and a loop, should you want to attach a lanyard.

I keep the TX100 on my nightstand, but use it around the house and yard quite a bit. When we go on an overnighter, it always goes in my bag. It’s light, versatile, and the red light is really handy when you don’t want to blind people while trying to find your way around a strange place in the dark. If you haven’t tried a red LED flashlight, you should. No more being completely blind for a few minutes once the light is turned off.

Like all Coast products, the TX100 has a nice solid feel, and it includes their lifetime warranty, plus a pair of Duracell AA batteries. I really do like the fact that they always include batteries, and not cheap ones either. That’s a nice touch, but we’ve come to expect that from Coast. Quality and innovative design in products designed to be used every day, and hold up to professional use. Check out

– Brian

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I love an article that starts out with tons of honesty!
“Once upon a time, a flashlight was just a device used to store dead batteries”

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