Cobra Tire Tool – “So Easy, Even A Girl Can Do It”

That’s not a sexist comment, that’s a quote from a girl extolling the primary virtue of the Cobra Tire Tool. This guy popped up somewhat randomly this week over on, and when I watched the video for his Cobra Tire Tool, I realized it’s a brilliantly simple design, making quick work of fixing a flat or doing a tire swap on your bicycle. It also occurred to me that it would make the perfect stocking stuffer.

As you can see, it just hooks under the bead and then around the frame or fork, making it easy for anyone to remove a tire, regardless of hand strength. Use it like a traditional tire iron when you’re ready to mount the tire. It’s a fiberglass/nylon compound, so it won’t scratch, weighs under a half ounce, and comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage. Retail is only $5.99!

So what’s the catch? The current model is only marketed to work with 700C wheels. It could probably work with some narrower 26″ wheels on hybrids that don’t have a suspension fork or odd-shaped tubing for the rear triangle, but Jim assures us that a fat tire version is in the works.

– Brian

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chaisak wuthicharn

easy for use and save time for remove tire

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