Coghlan’s Offers A Mix Of Utility And Fun For 2012

With more then 50 years of experience in the camping and outdoors industry, Coghlan’s has a proven track record. During that time, they’ve brought to market nearly 450 different products. For 2012, they will be offering a mix of new items for your next outdoor adventure. We’ve broken them down into two groups – the first contains products that would be just as home in your emergency kit as they would in your backpack, the rest are items that simply make spending time outdoors that much more enjoyable.

The Emergency Survival Horn requires no batteries, just a little mouth air, and blasts out audible sound up to 120dB, loud enough to heard a mile or more away.

How about a Trail Compass that clips to your zipper or backpack? It features a rotating bezel with direction setting arrow.

The world’s smallest dynamo flashlight can be clipped to just about anything, and only takes a few cranks to provide enough light to fill a room or light your path. The internal battery comes pre-charged for extra convenience.

A collapsible water container holds 5 gallons of water, yet folds down for very compact storage.

Keep your campsite tidy and flying insects at bay with a pop-up trash can.

Wooden safety matches are always handy to have around.


Now for the fun stuff!


Stackable, packable, lightweight tableware is an essential for any outdoor meal.

If you’re in the mood for a tasty and low calorie dessert or snack, try the non-stick corn popper.

For a more decadent treat, their s’mores grill is designed for toasting a graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate bar combination to perfection.

Their double hammock, for when the day’s agenda calls for doing nothing at all.


While release dates for 2012 are not yet set, you can locate a retailer by visiting  Coghlan‘s at


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