Coho Folding Kayak – Now on Kickstarter

My family really enjoys kayaking and the outdoors in general.  Day hikes, cycling, or just going for a ride out into the countryside take up many of our weekends.  While we sometimes can’t come together on a plan, kayaking seems to always be popular.  Everyone has their own yak now and that is great, but I have trouble finding a place to store all those boats.  Even a small ten foot kayak takes up a lot of garage space and hauling kayaks can be a job.  The Coho Folding Kayak aims to fix some of these troubles.  The Folding Boat Co. has a Kickstarter campaign going and it is off to a good start.  If you haven’t seen their Kickstarter campaign yet don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to get in on the deals.

Coho Folding Kayak
Coho Folding Kayak

We haven’t had the opportunity to test one of the Coho Folding Kayaks but the design looks pretty solid.  These are a skin on frame kayak and The Folding Boat Co. says they weigh just 21 pounds.  It sets up and is ready to go in just four minutes.  The Folding Boat Co. does a great job of explaining what they and their kayak is all about, and you can head over to their Kickstarter campaign page by clicking HERE.  Be sure to check out the videos to get a quick overview.

Coho Folding Kayak
Coho Folding Kayak

You can score a Coho Folding Kayak for $635.  Anyone who has looked at buying a kayak can tell you that is a good price for a folding boat.  If you don’t need a kayak but like where these guys are headed and want to chip in, $30 will get you a hat and T-shirt.  There are lots of other rewards and price points available depending on your interest.


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