Ombraz – Smarter Sunglasses, now on Indiegogo

Ombraz¬†sunglasses fall into the “why didn’t I think of that?” category of cool gear. These cleverly made sunglasses solve many issues faced (see what I did there?) by traditional designs. And they’re carbon negative!


The first thing the Ombraz designers did was ditch the arms on the side, and the hinges. They replaced them with a simple sliding cord. Why? First, less moving parts to break. Even better, no more pressure points on the side of your head. So the fit is great, they’re totally adjustable, and you’re less likely to lose them. After trying a pair, I was disappointed that the frames seemed small for my big fat face. Because the fit and comfort were outstanding. Adjusting them took a half a second, and just like that, I was sold on the concept. Luckily, Ombraz¬†will be offering a larger size as well.

I was going to share my own photos, but their promotional video is way too entertaining.


I’ve been a photographer for many years. I’m fussy about all lenses, either on my camera, or in my glasses. Ombraz uses Zeiss lenses in their sunglasses, which pretty much ensures great optical quality. And they’re even polarized, to eliminate annoying reflections and glare. Offered in grey or brown, both look like winners.


Made from acetate, the Ombraz frames will are available in matte tortoise, or matte brown. Available in two sizes, I’m hoping I got the smaller of the two, and will get a chance to swap them out.

Carbon negative?

That’s right, not carbon neutral, but carbon negative. For each pair sold, Ombraz wants to plant twenty trees. So they partnered with Eden Reforestation Project. Trees will be planted in Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal, and Indonesia. Just sharing a post via social media during their Indiegogo campaign will result in a tree getting planted. So get out the shares, and help them hit their goal of 10,000 trees planted. How about that? Get a tree planted with nothing more than a click!

There’s more to this campaign, as it’s not just a deal on some sweet sunglasses. You can just throw some money their way to get their project off the ground, and plant some trees. That’s what I’m planning on doing. And I’m not alone, as they have raised more than 200% of their goal, as of the time I wrote this. Check out the campaign here.

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