Columbia Diamond Mesh Boxer Briefs

Columbia had mentioned their Diamond Mesh Boxer Briefs would be a good stocking stuffer, and sent some for review. Normally, I would rate underwear as one of the worst gifts ever. But when they’re performance underwear, rather than plain cotton, they are a gift to be appreciated.

Performance underwear? Yes, performance underwear. If you’re still wearing the cotton underwear you wore as a kid, you’ve got a problem. Well, if you haven’t bought new underwear since you were a kid, that’s a whole different issue. But if you grab a six pack of the same old brand, on sale for $10, you owe it to yourself to try something new. Cotton gets hot and holds moisture. Even worse, it can bunch up like a diaper. It loses its shape and sags. The waistband is probably short, and rolls or sags too. Don’t settle for that any longer.

Columbia Diamond Mesh Boxer Briefs
Columbia Diamond Mesh Boxer Briefs

Columbia Diamond Mesh Boxer Briefs are 94% nylon, and 6% Spandex. They have a tall waistband and flat stitching. There’s no scratchy tag. The fine diamond mesh fabric wicks moisture. And there’s an antimicrobial treatment, to help keep odors at bay. Like a bicycle short, they are made with multiple panels. That’s two sides, a rear, and a crotch panel. Plus a front pouch with a fly. Basically, they are everything the boring cotton brands aren’t.

Of course, underwear testing is easy – you put them on, and go do stuff. Unlike shoes or a jacket, you don’t ask your coworkers what they think. It’s a very personal process. Do they chafe? Bunch? Ride up? Is there enough room in the front. Does the fly offer easy access? First thing I noticed is that they are really light feeling. Not quite commando, but the diamond mesh has a cool, airy feeling. After a couple weeks in them, from hot days to 25 degree chilly mornings, I’ve got no complaints. They fit well, and the length is just right. The¬†Diamond Mesh Boxer Briefs do all I could ask, with one exception. They’re not my first choice for Utah’s winter,¬†unless they are combined with some thermal pants.

Mixing nylon and spandex is nothing new. You get durability, fit, and stretch for movement. Columbia’s Omni-Wick really keeps you dry. As a bonus, these would be great for travel. Wash them in a sink, hang them over the shower, and you’re ready to go in the morning. If you’re camping, same deal. Try drying damp cotton overnight. It’s not going to happen. Best part? Pricing is much lower than comparable brands. I found a 2-pack of large on Amazon for under $23, and a 2-pack of x-large was under $25. At those prices, you can’t afford not to try them. And if you’re already a fan, you save about $10 off the regular price.

It’s not every day I tell people to go buy new underwear. Actually, it’s never. So treat yo’self. And ladies, if you’re thinking about getting some for your boyfriend or husband, go for it. He won’t complain. No one has ever turned down comfy underwear. And according to my wife, they look good. If they look good on me, they’ll look good on anyone.

A special thanks to Columbia for sending these out. I’ve tried several brands of technical/performance underwear, and these can hang with the best.

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