Control Corrective Skincare Heats Up with Triple Action Sunscreens

Now that the sun is actually showing itself a bit more regularly, we’re happy to remind folks to protect their skin from it while enjoying the outdoors.

– Brian

All-in-one sunscreens protect, moisturize and cater to varying skin types and needs

Irvine, CA –Control Corrective Skincare Systems heats up the sun care market with several “triple action” sunscreens that provide full-spectrum sun protection while also moisturizing and treating specific skin conditions, replacing as many as three products with one powerful solution.

Control Corrective Skin Care
Control Corrective Skin Care

Just in time for spring and summer, the company offers Oil Free Sunscreen SPF 30, ideal for all skin types; Intensive Skin Lightening Cream SPF 30,  for those with pigmentation issues; Aroma Matte Day Cream SPF 30, for oily skin types; and Botanical Soothing Cream SPF 30, for sensitive and inflamed skin.

“While there are plenty of sunscreens on the market, most of them serve only one purpose – to protect from the sun,” said Ellen Clark, president of Control Corrective Skincare Systems. “Today‘s busy, multi-tasking woman (or man) will reap more value in terms of time and money from a three-in-one sun care product that also serves as a daily moisturizer and is customized to her particular skin condition, whether aging, acne or rosacea prone skin.

The multi-purpose sunscreens offer protection from both UVA and UVB radiation, and are safe for sensitive skin or those with hyperpigmentation. Retail products sizes are as follows (Professional sizes are also available):

·         Oil-Free Sunscreen, SPF 30 – Great for all skin types, this unscented, non comedogenic product is oil-free, yet works double duty as a lightweight daily moisturizer.  It is available in a 2.5 ounce bottle; Suggested Retail: $28.

·         Intensive Skin Lightening Cream SPF 30 -A powerful multi-tasker, this calming botanical-based cream protects and lightens skin for a fairer more event texture and tone, ideal for blotchy, irritated or sensitive skin. It is available in a 2.5 ounce bottle; Suggested Retail: $48.

·         Aroma Matte Day Cream SPF 30 – The lightweight, zinc based cream is absorbable and non greasy, great for all skin types. Japanese green tea plus multi-vitamins including Vitamin C inhibit aging and free radical damage. It is available in a 2.5 ounce bottle; Suggested Retail: $36.

·         Botanical Soothing Cream SPF 30 -This calming sunscreen and moisturizer all-in-one cream soothes sun damaged and sensitive skin. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin A join forces to neutralize redness and non-irritating microfine zinc oxide provides full spectrum sunscreen protection. It is available in a 2.5 ounce bottle; Suggested Retail: $48.

Control Corrective Skincare Systems products are available through skincare professionals nationwide, or by contacting the company at (866) 290-4290;

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