Cratoni Helmets Back In The USA -Lighter Than Air For 2013

I’m always pleased when a European (or Australian) company enters the U.S. helmet market. Their safety and quality standards generally exceed our domestic requirements, which leads to a better product for us. A helmet that meets U.S. CPSC safety standards alone would probably not meet the stringent testing requirements of other countries in the European Union. That’s an important consideration when all that comes between your head and the pavement or terra firma is a molded shell and some EPS (expanded polystyrene).

– Brian

SKS USA, subsidiary of SKS Germany, known for fenders, pumps, tools and bags, is pleased to announce that they will begin exclusive distribution of Cratoni Helmets in North America this spring.

SKS USA will handle all distribution, customer service, warehousing and marketing of Cratoni for North America.  Cratoni helmets will be soft launched by SKS at Sea Otter in April, and SKS will have full stock of the helmets by July 2013.

Cratoni C-Tracer MTB helmet

Cratoni Helmets GmbH is a German company, which makes it a great partner for SKS.  SKS USA General Manager Mark Burgener was involved with the USA distribution of Cratoni in the 1990‘s, and has a great passion for the products.  Burgener states, “I am an avid cyclist, and I believe the Cratoni helmet is a superior lid.  SKS brand is doing great.  However, when Cratoni pursued us to distribute the products in North America, I did not hesitate to present the idea to SKS Germany.  It is a privilege to sell Cratoni product, and when you check out the helmets, you will know why.  Luckily, SKS Germany saw the opportunity as a win-win.  In the end, both companies and consumers will benefit.”

According to Burgener, “There are good helmets in the US market right now, but Cratoni helmets are an upgrade.  We will be offering the dealers great incentives to try the product, and we feel confident they will see the difference.”  While SKS products are available to dealers through wholesale distribution partners, the Cratoni helmets will be sold directly to bicycle retailers.

Cratoni Bullet road helmet

Cratoni is excited to offer an ultralight helmet (around 200g) for less than $160.  Cratoni helped to pioneer helmet in-molding, used at all Cratoni price points.  In 1991, they developed the Anatomic Fit System, the head-ring retention system which is used for uni-size helmets and overall better helmet fit across all helmet brands worldwide.  “Consumers will see the difference in comfort and quality when they try on a Cratoni brand helmet,” remarks Burgener.

Cratoni Germany, began in 1985, and is owned by Guenter Krauter. The brand is now available in 70 countries worldwide.

Cratoni helmet design and development is performed at their headquarters in Rudersberg Germany.  Cratoni is active in the Business Social Compliance Initiative, a code of conduct to insure safe and fair working conditions for the men and women producing their helmets.

Dealers or consumers who wish to receive additional information about Cratoni, or SKS‘s distribution of the brand, may contact SKS USA at 618-395-2400 or

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