Review: Cycle Dog Collar, With Special Guest Buster

Cycle Dog products appeal to both dog owners and cyclists. Each year, we go through millions of inner tubes, which end up being dumped in the garbage, as there is no way to simply melt down and reuse the rubber. The cycling and dog-loving folks at Cycle Dog, already adept are re-purposing, came up with the brilliant idea to collect those used tubes, and stitch them up with some durable yet soft nylon, to make dog collars. These collars dry quick, don’t fray, and are available in a variety of sizes and fashionable designs, with metal or plastic latching mechanisms. Most of the current models even include an unobtrusive Pup Top™bottle opener, because training your dog to fetch a beer is a neat trick, but having your best friend bring you the opener too is icing on the cake. In all seriousness, this is a product line that removes waste from landfills, and turns it into something useful. And it’s pretty much centered around outdoors and animals. All the products are made in Portland, Oregon as well. How can we not approve?

There’s more though. Not just content with collars and leashes, Cycle Dog also produces belts with the super cool, aircraft-style latch-lock buckle (and a Pup Top™bottle opener, naturally). The Trail Buddy Bowl is a 22oz folding water bowl, perfect for making sure your best friend stays hydrated on your next outdoor adventure. Got a dog with a vertical jump that can rival Spud Webb? Check out the Fat Tire Flyer – it’s a flying disc comprised of a tough inner tube, stitched to durable nylon. Its soft, roll-up design is much safer for your dog and bystanders than a hard plastic disc, and you can roll it up and put it in your pocket if you rode to the park. By the way, your dog may love catching it, but most dogs don’t like chewing rubber, which is a good thing. Cycle Dog guarantees all their products against defects in materials and workmanship, but in the unlikely event your dog chews something to bits, it’s not covered.

As a consolation prize for not being selected to appear in Volkswagen’s “The Bark Side” commercial, (he barks off key), we gave our dog Buster a Cycle Dog collar to cheer him up. Since his typing skills are severely lacking, we had him dictate the following review to us:

“I was pleasantly surprised when my person presented me with a new collar. Although running naked around the house is ok, it’s not socially acceptable to be seen in public without a modest bit of clothing, such as a collar with tags. Besides, I frequently forget my name, so the tag comes in handy. After letting my person dress me, I immediately bolted out the doggy door and into the snow, where I did a few quick head-first barrel rolls. Content that the collar was securely fastened, I came back inside to dry off. The collar dried as quickly as I did, which was nice. Squirrel! Where was I? Oh, after wearing it for a few days, I realized that the tie dye design not only suits my free-spirited personality, but goes very well with my usual outfit of basic black, head to paw. It’s a good look for just lying on the sofa, (when no one is home) to an afternoon at the park, or an evening walk. I’ve been wearing it 24/7 since I got it, it’s that comfortable.”

*Despite our best efforts, we failed to capture an acceptable image of Buster wearing his new collar. He’s an extremely active Papillon/Pomeranian mix, with exceptionally long black hair. To the right is an older photo of him, holding still for a rare moment. Below is an image of the Cycle Dog Tie Dye collar with plastic quick release, for small dogs.

Check out for more info, including how you can help turn your used inner tubes into Cycle Dog gear.

– Brian (with some assistance from Buster Cash)

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