Cycling And Hotdogs – A Winning Combination

When you’re going out for a long ride, bringing along proper hydration plus something to snack on is absolutely critical. You’ve got to replace fluids and fuel your body. And it’s no secret that most cyclists love hot dogs. Few things are better than a delicious hot dog mid-ride. But how do you carry a hot dog? Certainly not in your jersey pocket. And they’re too bulky of an under-seat bag. If you happen to have a handlebar bag, you’re set. Of course, not everyone wants to spend the coin for a handlebar bag, just to carry a hot dog. Luckily, there’s a brand new product out, designed just for cyclist that enjoy hot dogs!

The Hot Dog Case is a case specially designed for carrying hot dogs in your water bottle cage. It will accommodate bun length dogs, whether they are chicken, pork, beef, turkey, or even mystery meat. If someone makes a soy dog, it should handle that too. Best of all, there’s enough room for sauerkraut, relish, onions, and any other fixings. For the freshest bun experience, the manufacturer suggests stealing ketchup and mustard packets from your local fast food restaurant, and storing them with the dog until you’re ready to eat. Just be sure not to litter the empty packets. While it’s designed to easily wipe clean, the portage of chili dogs is not recommended. Come to think of it, chili dogs probably shouldn’t be consumed on a ride anyway.

Overall, we found the Hot Dog Case to be a great product, filling a niche that was previously overlooked. The case is durable, crush-proof, and big enough that you’ll never have to worry about catching your wiener in the zipper. Check your local bike shop for them soon. Hopefully, they’ll be offering them in colors to match team kit, so you can enjoy your roadside hotdog just like your favorite pro.

– Brian


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I prefer burgers. What do you offer the cycling burger afficiando?

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