February 19, 2024
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They’re perfectly entitled to use the road like that. The hearse might be empty for all we know, but hearses have no special rights to the road that other people do not.

And why are you taking a photograph when you should be driving? You can’t safely do both at the same time.

Who’s the d-bag again?


That hearse was absolutely not empty. Why do you assume I took that photo?


Were you driving as part of a hearse procession?


I assume you took the photograph because it’s clearly from a driver’s point of view, inside a vehicle, and you’re the only person who seems to be complaining and you seem to have all the facts to hand.

And so what if the hearse had cargo? It’s a dead person, what does it matter to a dead person how fast a hearse travels? Now if it was an ambulance on an emergency call I’d be the first to scream “get out of the way”. But it wasn’t, was it?


I must disagree with you, Tom. The cyclists should have moved over to let the funeral procession pass, out of simple respect for the deceased and the mourners. This is not an issue of law or ‘rights to the road’, so much as one of etiquette and respect.


Everyone should yield to a hearse, out of respect to the family of the “dead person” as the D Bag above called the loved one who had passed away. Hope your mom never dies Tom. I have buried 2 brothers and my dad…..you Tom are the reason people hate people.


Tom is big on assuming, which says a lot.

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