Damn! Cyclists buy a lot of stuff, don’t we?

I subscribe to all sorts of financial news magazines, and RSS feeds. So today I read about QBP’s (Quality Bicycle Products) new supply chain planning solution. Lots of big words and back-patting going on in the article. Then I got to the interesting part. For those that were unaware, QBP is the place that your LBS orders most of their stuff from. J&B Imports is the other, smaller, distribution outfit. But back to QBP. They ship over 70,000 parts every week. Add that to whatever J&B ships, which is all on top of the actual bikes that we’re buying, and that’s a lot of stuff. I mean, I’ve probably 2 or 3 days worth of those parts socked away in my storage right now, but someone else must be buying it up too.

Now, if I could just get each and every one of those other people buying that gear to read my blog, well, that would be good. That’s all I’m saying.

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For what it’s worth, J&B is actually the biggest supplier in the US. The mighty Q actually comes in second or third; I haven’t checked this year. They both ship a lot of parts. Val

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