Detours D2R Large Pannier Set Review

These Detours D2R panniers measure 12.5 x 8 x 15 and have a total volume of 2,125 cubic inches. They’re designed for mounting on your rear rack, and come nicely optioned with some handy features. Externally, they have a spring-loaded clamp and hooking mechanism for the upper mount, and the lower mount uses a hook that is adjustable via a quick release buckle. Mounting and dismounting is a breeze. The carry straps are a bit small and lack padding, but work fine unless you’re intent on carrying a load of bricks. There’s mesh pockets at both ends, a full-length zippered compartment along the side, and the main compartment is secured by a plastic buckle. A nice vinyl-like panel covers the bottom.

My usual panniers attach with velcro straps that are starting to show their age, and are not the most convenient when it comes to putting them on and taking them back off. The D2R panniers make quick work of this process – snap them on, cinch down the lower hook, and you’re ready to go. That latch is accompanied by a hook on either side of it, for a total of four mounting points. One potential issue to be aware of is that some racks with a diagonal strut rather than a regular U shape may not be such an easy fit. They’re shown here on the Topeak rack for disc brake equipped bikes.

Under the flap covering the main compartment, there’s a drawstring opening, to secure your belongings and offer a little extra protection from the elements. The front pocket has a flap over the zipper too, for the same reason. If the weather turns really nasty, the handy waterproof covers stretch over each pannier. They’re a bright yellow for low-visibility conditions, and like the panniers themselves, have some reflective strips on the rear and side for added safety.

I really like these panniers. They are sized big enough to carry everything I would need for a commute to work – a clean change of clothes, shoes, a towel, and lunch, and would work well for all the supplies we’d bring on a family ride and picnic up in the canyons. Loading and unloading is convenient, and the pockets provide ample room for larger items while offering easy access to smaller ones. We weren’t shy about really pulling on the stitching, and generally handling them a bit rough to expose any flaws in construction, but there were none apparent. Given that Detours already enjoys a reputation for quality products, we expect that they will hold up to plenty of normal use. It also looks like the hardware is all replaceable, should anything get damaged, which is a nice touch. They’re available in black, and have an MSRP of $95.

– Brian


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I still say they would be better on a Civia Hyland.


I agree. Send me the Hyland, and I’ll see how they look.

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