Detours D2R Trunk Bag

The Detours D2R trunk bag was great from start to finish. It’s a convenient way to carry things both by bike and by hand, and The D2R’s many features provide multiple uses in all conditions whether for the long tour or short commute. At a svelte 1.4 lbs weight unloaded, it could almost be argued it is worth riding with this bag for the reflective elements on the side and back alone.

The 800 cubic inches of storage space with an extendable main compartment give you enough space to carry all but the largest gear you might want to, and its two zippered side compartments allow for the sorting, separation, and easy access to the the tools or gadgets you might need at a moments notice. Inside the the main compartment there are separated pouches for a cellphone, maps, and writing utensils. And the bungee-like cinching cargo net on the top of the bag allows for secure transportation of even reasonably heavy gear, like a portable solar panel or battery charger, without using any of the precious interior space. And let us not forget the convenient water bottle cozy built onto the end of the unit. It has an elastic strap to secure your water bottle of choice and proved secure over the largest obstacles that I encountered, keeping my water bottle in place

When it comes to the transportation to and from your bike there are two options. The first is a ruggedly sewn handle grip on the top of the bag. Using this is as simple as popping the 4 quick release clips grabbing the handle and walking away. If you have a longer distance to hoof-it, there are also attachment points and an included shoulder strap for easy carrying. When you return for more biking simply snap the four quick release clips to your rear rack cinch their straps tight and off you go. One thing I discovered for my particular setup; I could easily use these connecting straps to secure a small laptop or similarly sized object between the D2R trunk bag and the bike rack itself. Never once even over curbs or nasty potholes did I feel the D2R trunk bag slip or move. The bag, fully loaded is low enough profile and well enough padded that carrying shock sensitive gear like electronics wasn’t a problem even when taking spills. Generally the rack took most of the abuse. So unlike a pannier, if you crash with the D2R the only thing you have to worry about crushing is yourself.

For the wet and rain the D2R comes with an attractive yellow rain cover, factory seam-sealed and taped. It doesn’t leak and depending on how much of the extendable compartment you are using is large enough to provide almost complete coverage of the bag, even the bottom. The rain cover doesn’t leak and even in a downpour the contents of the bag remained quite dry.

The D2R trunk bag proved not only useful but amazingly versatile. There was no time where I found myself thinking the usual “I wish it had this feature.” I definitely recommend this bag to almost anyone who rides. From commuting, to weekend trips, to an add-on to the complete set of D2R bags for long haul touring, the D2R is designed to meet your needs, providing safe storage that’s convenient and affordable.

– Luis

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