X-1 Audio, Inc. Announces Board of Directors Appointment

Although there is still plenty of disparity between genders in big business, I really think that the outdoor industry as a whole has more equal representation at all levels. And while I usually don’t concern myself too much with things like board members, it’s nice to see a company with the good sense to bring on someone whose resume’ could include “dedicated athlete” and “mom” among her qualifications.

– Brian

Women‘s Running Magazine founder, Dawna Stone, is newest addition to the board

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Dec., 2012) –X-1 Audio, Inc., the leader in waterproof and sweat-proof headphones, has appointed Dawna Stone, founder of Women‘s Running Magazine, to its board of directors. Stone brings more than 10 years of health and wellness expertise to her seat on the board.

“Dawna is a highly regarded leader in the fitness industry with a contagious passion for health and wellness,” said Carl Thomas, CEO, X-1 Audio. “As we continue to grow, Dawna‘s impressive entrepreneurial success and extensive corporate background will further diversify and bring new insight and perspective to the X-1 Audio board.”

Prior to joining X-1 Audio, Stone‘s experience began at large corporations where she served as Chief Marketing Officer for Marinemax, Inc., a $700 million publicly traded company. In addition to several senior positions at various U.S. companies, Stone also served as Senior VP of Operations for The Active Sports Network.

Stone later switched career paths to follow her passion for health, fitness and wellness launching Women‘s Running magazine in 2004. In 2009, Stone founded the Women‘s Half Marathon series, one of the largest series in the nation. She continues to deliver healthy and useful messages to her readers writing heath and wellness articles for multiple publications , including a monthly column in the wellness magazine, Whole Living.

“I‘m thrilled to join the board of directors at X-1 Audio.  As a long-time runner, I enjoy the extra motivation I get from listening to music and X-1 headphones fit, sound and stay in my ears better than any headphone I‘ve ever used,” said Stone. “I¹m excited to be working with a company that puts so much emphasis on product development and I look forward to helping with X-1‘s strategic growth.”

Stone received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and she completed her master‘s degree in business administration at UCLA. In addition to being a mother of two, Stone is a successful entrepreneur, runner and Ironman.

For more information, please visit http://www.x-1.com.

About X-1 Powered by H20 Audio

Breaking the barriers of sound. Powered by H20 Audio technology, X-1 creates the most advanced audio solutions for athletes. With seven patents and over a decade of technological innovation, H20 Audio, Inc., the foremost leader in headphones, cases and accessories for aquatic athletes, has evolved to the next level as X-1. Designed for all athletes, X-1 offers audio solutions to harness the power of music regardless of sport or climate. For more information or to shop online, visit www.X-1.com

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