Go ahead, get yourself a Ferrari this year

Yes, it’s true, you can now own a Ferrari folding bike, from Downtube. It’s the first officially licensed folding bike to bear this iconic name in the United States. And you can have it for only $499. That’s very inexpensive by Ferrari standards, and still a fair price for a folding bike. So what do you get for that price? Read on.

Ferrari folding bike by Downtube
Ferrari folding bike by Downtube

Aside from the Scuderia Ferrari graphics, there are some real go-fast bits on this bike. Keeping the weight down to 24.5 pounds is the 6061 aluminum frame. Just like its Italian namesake, this one sports a forged crank too. For weight savings, the fork, stem, and bars are aluminum as well. Even the drivetrain one-ups Maranello, with an 11-32 rear cassette offering one gear more than the 458 Italia’s 7 speed transmission. On the downside, no carbon fiber braking options are available. But the Tektro Mini-10 V-brakes are known for getting the job done.

Cheng Shin supplied the two-tone 20″x1-1/8″ tires, which look pretty slick, in a good way. If you do a little research on 20 inch wheels, you’ll find that they’re actually more efficient at commuting speeds. And again, no factory Ferrari can boast such tall wheels. Another win!

Rather than writing more, I’ll let my friend Yan show you the features:

And when it comes to speed, check out just how quickly it folds/unfolds:

Obviously, we didn’t get one to review (It’s a Ferrari, who loans them out?). But we still wanted to share this with our readers, as it’s a cool gift. And based on the spec, it should be a nice ride for commuting or fun. Of course, the owner gets genuine Ferrari bragging rights too. So what’s not to like? Check out the rest of Yan’s cool folding bikes at Downtube.com.


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