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January 21, 2015 – Bend, Oregon – DrinkTanks announced today the launch of The Juggernaut. It’s the first-ever 128 oz stainless steel, double wall, vacuum insulated growler. And, to top it off, just add the DrinkTanks Keg Cap™ to turn the Juggernaut into a one gallon personal keg.

Combined with the current 64 oz Classic, the 128 oz Juggernaut and 32 oz growler launching this summer will make the first “family” of stainless steel double wall, vacuum insulated growlers.  All DrinkTanks feature a sturdy double bail locking system, making them the only growler guaranteed to be leak-proof, while also keeping your beer cold, fresh and carbonated for 24 hours. Available in 12 color options with custom engraving as an option, DrinkTanks Growlers are durable, portable, and are covered by a lifetime warranty.


By adding the unique, patented DrinkTanks Keg Cap™system, you can turn your DrinkTanks growler into a personal, portable mini-keg. Designed to fit the full family of growlers (kegs!), the Keg Cap extends the life of your beer, ensuring it stays cold, fresh and carbonated for 3 to 5 days. Each Keg Cap system includes a Keg Cap, injector, and two threaded 16 gram food grade CO2 cartridges.

The MSRPs are as follows: 128 oz Juggernaut –  $89; 64 oz Growler – $69; 32 oz Growler – $49; Keg Cap –  $45.

DrinkTanks will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the Juggernaut later this month. Campaign “backers” who opt for the Juggernaut as their reward will get the Juggernaut for $65, $24 off the retail price. The company’s first Kickstarter campaign successfully funded in 2013, exceeding their $30K funding goal by over $200K. Email judy@campbellconsulting.com for more information on the campaign.

DrinkTanks will be showcasing its family of growlers at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market (Booth BR816). Media are encouraged to stop by the booth to check out the new Juggernaut and to meet DrinkTanks’ founder and CEO, Nicholas Hill, as well as Director of Marketing, Leslie Hall. Attendees can also enter to win the new growler by simply dropping off a business card. A winner will be drawn and notified via email at the close of show.

About DrinkTanks

Based in the craft beer and outdoor recreation mecca Bend, Oregon, DrinkTanks was born as a father-son team. In 2010, Dr. Tim Hill, co-founder of the Cascade Culinary Institute, and his son, Nicholas Hill, combined their collective food and beverage knowledge and love of the outdoors to create The Perfect Growler. Today, DrinkTanks has grown to include a full family of stainless steel double wall, vacuum insulated growlers – the 32 oz, the 64 oz and the 128 oz (the first ever double-wall vacuum insulated growler made in this size). The patented Keg Cap system can turn the DrinkTanks growlers into personal, portable kegs. Comprised of 22 custom parts, thirty percent of each growler is made in America and all are assembled and powder coated in Bend. The leakproofvessels keep beer cold, fresh and carbonated for up to 24 hours without refrigeration The rest of DrinkTanks’ history is yet to be tapped. For more information, visit www.drinktanks.com.

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