DryCASE Waterproof Tablet Case

I never thought I would have a use for the DryCASE Waterproof Tablet Case, despite the fact that it seems like a great way to protect your device from the elements. There are plenty of people that take their tablet or iPad with them when outdoors, which is fine with me, but I never felt the need to bring mine along. That is, until I got a couple of cameras with Wi-Fi. In the studio, I can tether my camera to a laptop, and control it from the keyboard, and view images on the laptop screen. Not so handy out in the field though. That’s where a tablet and the DryCASE Waterproof Tablet Case come in.

DryCASE Waterproof Tablet Case

DryCASE does not offer much in the way of impact protection. Instead, they are about keeping dust, dirt, and water from getting inside your pricey electronics. And they do this very well. The Waterproof Tablet Case is made from crystal clear plastic, that is heavy enough to instill confidence. To install your device, you undo the four locks at the top, flip it open, and place your favorite electronic accessory inside. There is a three-way headphone plug that you will want to plug in before you lock it shut. Once it’s locked and your tablet or iPad is in place, use the included vacuum pump to suck the air out of the DryCASE. This does two things. First, it ensures that the case is airtight. It also presses that plastic housing up against the glass, so you can swipe, pinch, squeeze, or tap to your heart’s content. If there was any sort of leak, you would notice that it’s not all snug any more. It’s that simple. How secure is it? It’s been tested to 100 feet for an hour. That should cover most trips to the pool, a bubble bath, or time spent in Seattle.

As I mentioned, I use this for my photography. With my cameras that have Wi-Fi, I can control them from my tablet or iPad (I use both), as well as view and edit images. Being able to see the image on a 7″ or 10″ screen is a huge benefit to me. It allows me to check the exposure and focus with ease, and make any adjustments, without touching my camera. When the sun causes glare on my camera screen, I would have to take it off the tripod and turn it so I could view it. Not any more. When shooting the blue moon and blood moon this year, I set my camera up, sat down in my camp chair, and only got up to move the tripod a few times. The camera was fired from my tablet, and after each shot, I could see it on the “big” screen. I used the same setup, but with the iPad for some winter photos. Could I have done this without the DryCASE? Sure. But do I want to expose my device to snow, campfire smoke, humidity, dew, or possible splashes from the river? Nope. My cameras and lenses are sealed against the weather, and now my whole system is.

DryCASE Waterproof Tablet Case

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Obviously, not many people are going to buy the DryCASE Waterproof Tablet Case for their photography needs. But it still protects your devices from harm when you’re having a weekend at the lake, catching up in email at the beach, or watching videos in your bathtub. And if you don’t need the armor of a hard case, it’s great in dust storms, rain storms, or water balloon fights. DryCASE includes a neoprene armband (not advisable with the iPad), and a nice lanyard, plus they offer the same kit in a smaller size, perfect for your phone. It you want to take your tech with you, but don’t want it to get wet, check out all the other cool stuff from DryCASE at drycase.com.


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