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Ok, so I’m right in the middle of trying to write about everything we saw at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show, and then I have a sudden flashback to Interbike 2012. At the Duro Tire booth, I spoke with their rep about some of the new sizes and compounds, which was probably more interesting to me than it might be to most people. Anyway, the technical banter went on for a bit, and then we got to their Ride Your Cause program. Of all the things we discussed, this was the one he was most enthusiastic about. Since it’s not often I meet anyone that passionate about a charity program, I promised that I would share details of it with our readers. With warm weather not too far off, that time has come.

Duro Ride Your Cause bicycle tire
Duro Ride Your Cause

The premise is simple enough – buy the tires sporting the Ride Your Cause logo, and Duro donates a portion of the sale to a charity. But not just any charity. Currently, you can choose to direct the funds to Team RWB, which supports returning veterans, Code 3 for a Cure, supporting firefighters, or Bikesbelong.org, promoting cycling. And they’re working diligently to add more partners to that list, with a goal of ten by this summer, from people-based to environmental causes. For now, registering your tires online gives you the option of specifying just about any charity of your choosing. In addition, distributor Hawley USA added the line to their brands, and generously offered to match Duro’s donation. I’m hoping we’ll see more distributors and maybe even dealers doing the same – nothing gains momentum like a bicycle tire!

Duro Ride Your Cause bicycle tire
Duro Ride Your Cause

About the tires: they are currently offered in 700×23 and 700×25, but more sizes will be added in the future. Color options include pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow, red, green, brown, and white. These are based on their Stinger, which is an all-purpose tire with a 127 TPI casing. For those riders that prefer basic black, the Slickster is a 120 TPI tire available with the Ride Your Cause logo. To quote my contact at Duro, they’re not about “a new compound or extra knob for cornering, it’s something that gives back”. If you’re looking to do some charity rides this year, why not show some extra support and outfit your bike too? Imagine a sea of cyclists rolling on pink tires for a breast cancer fundraiser this October. Not only would they be raising funds via the ride, but there is also the donation from the tires, and the extra awareness that the logo provides year-round, helping to keep the dialogue open about prevention and early detection.

I’m really hoping to see this program take off, and will be reporting back with any updates, as well as promoting it as new information becomes available. Although no firm figures are available yet as costs need to be worked out, it’s my understanding that Duro is willing to contribute a rather generous portion of their profits on these tires. That’s also why it’s so important to get some participation all through the supply chain, from manufacturer to distributor to retailer. If each one donates a portion of their sale, it will add up quickly. And I don’t know of any charity that’s not in need of more funding. We all need tires, why not get some that allow you to give back at the same time? Stay updated at durotire.com.

– Brian



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