This Earth Day, SockGuy Has Your Feet Covered

We here at Industry Outsider have been writing about SockGuy for quite a while.  My family and I wear many of the first test socks and that says a lot about durability.  SockGuy regularly creates new styles and you can always find something for what you need.  SockGuy socks are not only stylish, comfortable, unique socks but they are also durable and comfortable.  For Earth Day SockGuy has a couple pair of socks to help you celebrate.

The Less Cars socks are part of SockGuy‘s classic series and they feature a 3 inch cuff.  The tag line “One Less Car” is printed right there on the cuff and “Bicyclists Kick Gas” is on the bottom.  The SockGuy Less Cars socks are made of a micro-denier acrylic for comfort and blister prevention.  The socks have a mesh upper for air flow and double stitched heel and toe for durability.

SockGuy's Less Car socks
SockGuy’s Less Car socks

Continuing with the cycling theme, the Recycle socks have the same features but have a bike with recycle symbols for wheels printed on the cuff.  Bicycles make everything better, don‘t they?

SockGuy's Recycle socks
SockGuy’s Recycle socks

Whether or not it‘s Earth Day SockGuy makes a wide array of socks to suit almost any activity.  I use SockGuy‘s cycling socks regularly and like them very much.  SockGuy‘s performance crew socks and the SGX line are also a favorite of mine.  I am very happy with these and think they are comfortable and durable.  A particular favorite in my household is the SockGuy Party Animal socks.  Everyone in the family enjoys the styling of those.

My wife and kids enjoy the unique styles that SockGuy offers.  The kids love the animal themed socks and of course those that feature the American flag.  My wife enjoys spicing up her work wardrobe with snazzy and fun designs that goes with her semi casual dress code.

Both pair of the Earth Day SockGuy socks have an MSRP of $10.95 so your sock celebration won‘t break the bank.  Check out to see the whole line of quality socks that SockGuy offers.  Happy Earth day!  Let‘s take cover of our Earth, it‘s the only one we have!


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