They Will Love Christmas SockGuy Socks

Socks for Christmas aren‘t always high on the wish list but SockGuy is changing all that.  The Industry Outsider crew loves SockGuy and your special people will too.  Check out these Christmas SockGuy styles and make someone‘s feet happy. SockGuy makes a sock for just about any activity and they do it with style.  With … Read more

Dad Wants a SockGuy Father‘s Day Gift

Any dad wants a SockGuy Father‘s Day.  No doubt this is true because SockGuy makes so many different types and styles of socks.  Whether your dad is a hiker, cyclist, fisherman, or a desk jockey, SockGuy makes something for him. Likewise, SockGuy socks are not only stylish, comfortable, unique socks but they are also durable … Read more

This Earth Day, SockGuy Has Your Feet Covered

We here at Industry Outsider have been writing about SockGuy for quite a while.  My family and I wear many of the first test socks and that says a lot about durability.  SockGuy regularly creates new styles and you can always find something for what you need.  SockGuy socks are not only stylish, comfortable, unique … Read more

Way to Your Sweetie‘s Heart is Through SockGuy on the Feet?

If you have been with Industry Outsider very long, you know that we really like SockGuy socks.  SockGuy seems to be constantly creating new styles, and you can always find something to suit your needs.  They are not only stylish, unique socks, but also durable and comfortable.  For Valentine‘s Day, you can pick up a … Read more